The Living Room
Sunday Jul 6, 2014

4:00 PM



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Florissant, MO
On July 5th at the Museum of Human Achievement, Rick Boss, the most successful real estate realtor in the history of Boise, Idaho's burgeoning real estate market will make a special presentation of his latest extremely successful business venture, "The Living Room." It is a room constructed of Saran Wrap, in which multiple sensors and camera feed into remote computers performing complex algorithms based on your behavior. Basically, you'll be mounted and watched by an extremely successful real estate salesman! The honor is yours. (He will be assisted in his presentation by his two assistants, Bill Baird and Taurin Barrera.) "The Living Room" is an interactive home entertainment environment! Your every movement will change the music you hear, the videos you see, and the color spectrum splayed across your space! "It is an extremely successful combination of business and pleasure," says Rick Boss, the head honcho. Using infra-red sensors, magnetic touch sensors, motion track
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