Visionquest 13 with Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss, Wolf+Lamb, Nick Monaco
Friday Nov 22, 2013

10:00 PM

21 and over

$40 - $50


74 Wythe Avenue
New York, NY
With Visionquest Thirteen, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, and Shaun Reeves have dug back into their past as a way of looking to the future. They've distilled the key elements of the seminal Detroit parties that proved so influential to their musical upbringing and translated them into a full immersive experience that embodies the aesthetics of the Visionquest brand. Playing within this environment, the four long-time friends have, in a way, returned home. Throughout the tour, their sets have taken on the pulse and intimacy of the all-night basement sessions they used to play together back when their current life was still just a dream and anything seemed possible. But they also show the growth and maturity that only comes with the relentless schedule they've held to in the years in between. The Visionquest Thirteen parties have become a temple of sorts; a place to pay homage to the music and the experience.
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