Above & Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Thu Jun 20 , 2013

Doors: 6:00 PM
Show: 7:00 PM (ends at 8:30 PM)

21 and over

$10 - $15


85 Avenue A, (between 5th St & 6th St)
New York, NY
"In the valley of the dolls, it's an instant turn on...dolls put you to sleep at night, kick you awake in the morning, make life seem great-instant love, instant excitement. Ultimate hell!" Glamour! Sex & Drugs! Psychedelia! Come, let us take you on a sexy burl-X-pedition Above & Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, a sensual multi-media extravaganza based on the 2 best (and worst!) 60s cult/schlock films ever made--"Valley Of The Dolls" and Russ Meyer's and Roger Ebert's opus, "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls." See some of NY's most beautiful and well-known burlesque & boy-lesque vixens bring these salacious characters to life, with Jo Boobs, Tigger!, the Evil Hate Monkey, Madame Rosebud, Nastie Canasta, Kat Mon Dieu, Delysia LaChatte & Beelzebabe! And your buxom, sultry stage-kitten and go-go girl Miss Em! Games, free giveaways...! Hosted by your Mr. Lower East Side (and Russ Meyer love child) Mike Amato.
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