In Forrest Rose Park and Mojo's 2 STAGES!
River Hills Elderberry Festival
The Flood Brothers, The Kay Brothers, Sunshine Mamas, The Stone Sugar Shakedown, Dubb Nubb, Dave & Dyno and the Roadkill Orchestra, Uptown Downers, Lee Ruth, Bartholomew Bean, The 420 Band, Anna Soulstice and The Eclipse, The Blue Cats, Bruce Poe Band, Dave Dearnley & John Galbraith, John Galbraith, Mike 'Supe' Granda, The Havana Honeys, Molly Dog, The Moonliters, Murphey's Midnight Rounders, Nearly Famous Great Horned Owls, David Raye, Bob Runyon, Molly Trull, Morli Wilcox, The Woodsmiths
Fri Jun 7 , 2013  –  Sun Jun 9 , 2013

5:00 PM

$10 - $20

Rose Music Hall

1013 Park Ave.
Columbia, MO
5:00 p David Ray
6:00 p The Blue Cats
645 p Anna Soulstice & The Eclipse
730 p Jesse Johnson
815 p The Woodsmiths
900 p Bruce Poe Band
1015p The Kay Brothers
1130p The Flood Brothers

1200 John Galbraith
1245 p Bartholomew Bean
0130 p Sunshine Mamas
215 p Announcements
230 p The Moonliters
315 p Lee Ruth
400 p Murphey’s Midnite Rounders
500 p Announcements
515 p Bob Runyon
600p Dubb Nubb
700 p DD and The ERK
815 p Havana Honeys
915 p Uptown Downers
1015 p Mike “Supe” Granda
1130 p The Stone Sugar Shakedown

1200p The Great Horned Owls
100 p Morli Wilcox
145 P Announcements
200 p Dave Dearnley
300 p Molly Trull
400 p The 420 Symphonic Harmonic Band. W/ Special Guest

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