The Pauses present 1998 - a two night event celebrating music & culture from the year
The Sh-Booms, Tele & The Ghost Of Our Lord, DJ Bao
Friday Jan 11, 2019

9:00 PM

18 and over

$10 - $12

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL

You booted up your 32mb Rio mp3 player and confided in your Furby that you'd be Rockafeller Skanking down to Spencer's Gifts with 3D Doritos in hand to check out the new batch of age-inappropriate birthday cards. It was 1998 and you weren't gonna let cringing your way through the animal cracker scene in Armageddon with your parents get you down. Well now you can finally settle the great Antz vs. A Bug's Life debate as Will's Pub is transported back in time to......1998! The Pauses will be taking you back 20 years with Music, Movies, Games, Costumes, Foods, Beepers, F-R-I-E-N-D-S, a Big Lebowski photobooth, raffles, trivia, themed drinks, and a few other surprises.

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Event has ended.