Modern Sky Festival NYC Presents
Yao 13
Fri Sep 21 , 2018

Doors: 7:30 PM (ends at 10:30 PM)

18 and over

$28 - $58


215 Chrystie Street
New York, NY

Folk singer-songwriter Yao 13 has announced his debut North American tour, where he will be playing his music live for his overseas fans for the first time.  His strong connection to youth worldwide has made this is an exciting moment for the musician to forge new relationships with listeners across the globe.  Select tour dates include headline shows in Boston and New York City alongside appearances at Modern Sky Festival’s Toronto and New York City editions. Continuing in a rich musical tradition, Yao 13 will shed a fresh perspective on his music and share his stories with friends new and old in the states and beyond.  

去年夏末,尧十三的飞船降落在“宿舍音乐会”,面对舞台上下的同 学们他特意献唱了一首从未发表过的新歌

《想要和那些年轻男孩女孩成为好朋友》并“感慨”道:“今年真觉 得自己有点老了。感谢这个活动,能让我有机会和更年轻的朋友在一 起玩。” 如今尧十三“和更年轻的朋友在一起玩”的心愿即将进一步实现。尧 十三“想要和那些年轻男孩女孩成为好朋友”美国巡演正式开启。在 2018年的初秋,尧十三将飞向遥远的美利坚,以四场演出与大洋 彼岸的年轻朋友们结下深厚友谊。

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