SNIPS: A staged reading to benefit Gene & Becky Columbus
Sun Jul 22 , 2018

Doors: 6:00 PM
Show: 7:00 PM (ends at 10:00 PM)


The Abbey - Orlando

100 S. Eola Dr.
Orlando, FL

About Snips:

The retirement community barbershop - a refuge for gentlemen seeking company and friendship. In the twilight of life, there are far more yesterdays than tomorrows which creates an atmosphere of the unspoken need for confirmation that their lives mattered, that they left the world a little better than when they entered it.  

The unique collection of wise, regretful, grumpy, cantankerous, as well as confused men reflect past mistakes or miscues with the hope that someone might learn from their journey. Just as in their younger days, there are still bullies, but at this point in life, they are far less tolerant of those that think they are better than others. This barbershop is called by some "heaven’s waiting room”, but most of those waiting are in no real hurry to move on. You may laugh, you may even tear up, but most of all, you may come to understand there is a place somewhat like this waiting for each of us.

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Event has ended.