The Comedienne Project
Wednesday May 23, 2018

8:00 PM


The Standing Room

4738 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY

Katie Hannigan and Corinne Fisher debuted The Comedienne Project at FringeNYC15. Corinne, the host of the popular anti slut shaming podcast, Guys We Fucked, and Katie, a vehement man hater, both felt themselves falling into the trap of creating material that revolved around men, and our relationships to them. Fisher and Hannigan wanted to break out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to answer - “What do we think about when we’re not thinking about dudes and sex?” And the two created new half hour sets of fresh material on anything and everything BUT men. (turns out mostly food and vampires,) 

 Now at The Standing Room, The Comedienne Project continues as Katie and Corinne invite fellow comics to participate in the challenge. Female and male comics alike perform full sets free of sex, dating and relationship material. Katie and Corinne keep it fresh by ringing a bell if a comic slips up and accidentally brings up butt plugs. 

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Event has ended.