Bridge Dance Festival: Beyond the Box II ~ Yu (遊)
Yoshinojo Fujima, Natsuki Kubo, Tatsu Aoki, Tatsu Aoki's Reduction Ensemble
Sunday May 6, 2018

7:00 PM

$12 - $15 Online, $17 Door

Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL

Beyond the Box II ~ Yu(遊), takes another step and explores the roles of women from the confines of traditional Japanese classical dance where female characters are predominantly limited to subtle, contained, and subdued expressions. Up against this notion of submission, Yu boldly and creatively deviates from the accepted norm in traditional Japanese performance practices, the performers facilitate the meta-perceptual opportunity to embody the full range of emotional and physical expression, strength, and power, and subconsciously accepted standards for gender identity. Yoshinojo Fujima, Hokkaido calligraphy artist Natsuki Kubo, and the Reduction Ensemble, led by renown artist/creative musician Tatsu Aoki present: “Yu (遊)” as the concluding event of the Bridge Dance Festival. The performance also commemorates the first collaboration of the Chicago-Obihiro Artist Exchange. 

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