Santa Cruz Music Festival
Santa Cruz Music Festival 2018
Mr. Carmack, Ghostface Killah, K?D, Mija, Oliver Tree, CloZee, Justin Jay, Sacha Robotti, CharlestheFirst, Smoke DZA, Mimosa, BOGL, Forrest Day, El Papachango, LabRat, Eliquate, The Redlight District, Ancestree, Fulminante, Soulwise, No Accion, Light the Band, The Bad Light, Coffee Zombie Collective, Driftr, Wild Iris, Stereo Stereo, Van Goat, Olright, Gnarboots, Pan Dulce, Death Monk, Cosmic Reef Temple, Misamore, Pretty, Handsome, Life Size Models, Redublic, Phers, Concentrate, Womp Rat, Hoven, Mike Jones, SVNKA, Kyle Warren, Highend, Moist Boiz, Dirt Track Hereos, Birdo, Entoptic, Cement Ship, Nickel Experience, Sweet Hayah, Shoobies, Jive Machine, Paul Damon & The Healers, Money For Helicopters, The Vampirates, Boss' Daughter, The Randy Savages, f.u.x., Frootie Flavors, Noise Clinic, SourPatch Kid, Ion, Vybrant Vibes, Kuhteeuh, A-Vlust, Berto8, Xolotl, A Chan-Kai, Miggle, $ylan, Torio Van Grol, Keith Lowell Jensen, Emily Catalano, BJ Rankin, Tony Zavala, DNA
Sat Mar 10 , 2018  –  Sun Mar 11 , 2018

12:00 PM

18 and over

$45 - $130

Multiple Venues - Santa Cruz

Multiple Addresses
Santa Cruz, CA


This pass will give the holder access to ALL PARTICIPATING VENUES including the Civic Auditorium (21+ age restrictions apply to the other venues). THE CIVIC AUDITORIUM WILL BE THE ONLY VENUE that any under 21-year-olds can go to after 10:00pm on Saturday (3/10/18) and Sunday (3/11/18).



This pass will give the holder access to these local venues (Motiv, The Blue Lagoon, Rosie McCann's, Museum of Art & History & Cafe Mare). THIS PASS WILL NOT GIVE THE HOLDER ACCESS TO THE CIVIC AUDITORIUM. All the above venues will be 21+ after 10:00pm on both Saturday (3/10/18) & Sunday (3/11/18). Due to this, the Locals' Pass will only be sold to those over 21. 

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