Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Orchestra:
Thu Nov 30 , 2017

7:00 PM (ends at 10:00 PM)

21 and over


Knockdown Center

52-19 Flushing Ave
Maspeth, NY

“Crossing the Lagrangian Point” is a large multi-movement piece written by Hans Tammen for 10 light & sound performers, a spatialist, and a conductor. A large collection of lightbulbs, LED structures and fluorescent lights fight and clash with bizarre visuals projected onto objects, fabrics, ceilings and walls. Sounds are generated with ear-scorching intensity directly from the visuals or from a mad combination of audio and video synth modules, while the “spatialist” throws them around in an 8-channel sound system like a violently moving fluid. It is a controlled chaos of loud, visceral blast of colors, flashes and polyrhythmic machinations.

With Michael Vorfeld, ChiKa, Benton C Bainbridge, James Yuxi Cao, MSHR (Birch Cooper & Brenna Murphy), Dafna Naphtali, Eric Drasin, Jonas Bers, Matthew Ostrowski, Daniel Neumann (spatialist) and Hans Tammen (concept, composing, conducting).

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