Los Angeles Performance Practice and Bootleg Theater presents d. Sabela grimes'
Sun Oct 15 , 2017

Doors: 2:30 PM
Show: 3:00 PM (ends at 5:00 PM)


Bootleg Theater

2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

“One of a mere handful of artists who make up the vanguard of hip-hop fusion.” —Los Angeles Times

Through a synthesis of ancient AfroFuturistic soundscapes, video projection and kinetic poetics, ELECTROGYNOUS  circulates speculative realities that counter historically imposed notions of femininity and masculinity. Imagining the inclusion of liberated Black bodies at the center of the work’s “now,” ELECTROGYNOUS renders a dynamic testament to the multiple worlds that Black people simultaneously inhabit.

Featuring video art by Meena Murugesan and digital illustration by Mr. Maxx Moses.

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