Los Angeles Performance Practice and Bootleg Theater presents Jessica Emmanuel's
Witnessing Her + Decolonize That Mind
Sat Oct 7 , 2017

Doors: 1:30 PM
Show: 2:00 PM (ends at 3:00 PM)


Bootleg Theater

2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

two sections of an untitled work in progress

Witnessing Her:
Jessica Emmanuel’s commanding presence and starkly impassioned movements capture the essence of the vicarious trauma triggered by images, sounds, stories and details of senseless black deaths. A seemingly viral wave of violence belies the deeply personal impact of each confrontation, each bullet and each chalk outline.

Decolonize That Mind:
“My point is that we must decolonize our minds and re-name and re-define ourselves . . . In all respects, culturally, politically, socially, we must re-define ourselves and our lives, in our own terms.” ~Max Roach.

Expanding her untitled work-in-progress Jessica Emmanuel moves deeper into the question of identity, both imposed by society and understood by oneself.


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