Rekha Ohal plays Glen Campbell
Saturday Sep 16, 2017

6:30 PM

$10 - $20

Dazzle @ Baur's

1512 Curtis St.
Denver, CO

Rekha Ohal - piano, vocals
Dave Devine- guitar
Matt Houston - drums

My earliest memory of hearing Glen Campbell was when my hip young uncle brought over a greatest hits record and put it on the turntable. I remember hearing “By the Time I Get To Phoenix.” If filled me with an unfamiliar sadness: the loneliness of a long country road, the emptiness of a house when a lover has gone, fixing morning toast alone. All very odd feelings in a kid raised on bubble gum pop and church hymns.

But that was the genius of Campbell. To many people he was a just a country star, but to us he was an unparalleled musician, with huge vocal prowess and equally impressive guitar chops, who could evoke emotions out of a tree stump. In tribute to him we have selected some of our favorite songs, including “By The Time I Get to Phoenix” and “Galveston,” as well as many others, to pay homage to one of our favorite artists.

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