TRADE ROUTES: A FESTIVAL OF ARTISTIC EXCHANGE, Through the Lookingglass / Copy & Paste, Resist the Gloom / Heart Splinters
Myra Su, Emily Schubert
Fri Dec 8 , 2017

7:00 PM (ends at 7:45 PM)

$10 student/senior - $12 online - $15 door - $40 festival pass

Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL

Myra Su | Through the Lookingglass / Copy & Paste
THROUGH THE LOOKINGGLASS is a psychological thriller of Alec, a young boy on his first deer hunt. In this Midwestern retelling of the classic tale, Alec confronts death and the savage power of man for the first time.

COPY & PASTE: One rainy day on the way to work, a female employee at a press office discovers that she, and everything around her is made out of paper.

Emily Schubert | Resist the Gloom / Heart Splinters
Resist the Gloom is a Cantastoria performance about coping with anxiety at large. The tale is told by Cornelius the Collector, Eschatologist R.O.– a person concerned with the end of time and the role we humans play in it. 

HEART SPLINTERS: What happens when the heart of the world breaks? Heart Splinters is a paper cut shadow play that tells a story about life’s interconnectedness and the possibility found therein.

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