Co-MISSION Residency WIP Showing
Rob Welcher, Emma Ladji & Maxime Chudeau
Mon Aug 28 , 2017

7:30 PM (ends at 8:30 PM)


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL

Emma Ladji and Maxime Chudeau

Being weaned on extreme self affirmation while experiencing the violence of falling in love is presented as a live state of schizophrenia. An exploration in narcissism and the self esteem craze.

Rob Welcher | Volledig: Emptied of Shame, Full of Life

While HIV and AIDS no longer demand the headlines of the past, people are still contracting HIV every day. While being HIV positive has become a manageable condition rather than the certain death sentence it was at the height of the AIDS Crisis, people are still dying.

 Some members of this project are HIV-negative; some are HIV-positive; some have received an AIDS diagnosis. All project members have been altered by the AIDS Crisis; we refuse to let what has transpired be unspoken. We refuse to let the world look away from the tragedy that continues to unfold around us.

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