Perpetual Motion | Natural Forces
Wednesday Oct 26, 2016

8:00 PM


Gray Area Art & Technology Theater

2665 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Beige / Keith Evans / Karl Lemieux + BJ Nilsen

Bolinas-based Keith Evans works as a paranaturalist sculptor, uniting dead media with the husks of once-living organisms. The collaborative 16mm work of local duo Beige (Kent Long and Vanessa O’Neill) is based largely on homebrew film processing and celluloid printing, with their hand-crafted film strips presented in elegant and overlapping multiple projection. Beige’s The Impenitent Thief takes as its starting point the viewer’s perspective in Tiepolo’s Scoperta della Vera Croce e Sant’Elena, “a painting wild with motion and the use of color to describe the path of ascension.” Finally, Karl Lemieux (Montréal) and BJ Nilsen (Sweden) present Unearthed—the work’s first U.S. performance since its 2015 premiere at Sonic Acts: The Geologic Imagination, Amsterdam.


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