Perpetual Motion | Dust to Dust
Friday Sep 16, 2016

8:00 PM

$10 - $15

Gray Area Art & Technology Theater

2665 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

arc / Jürgen Reble / Trinchera Ensamble

Perpetual Motion opens with Dust to Dust. The program opens with an incantatory arc performance (straight outta Oakland), in which forgotten film detritus from abandoned archives is repurposed as sublime meditative subject, in which notions of microcosmic and macrocosmic merge. arc is followed by an extremely rare U.S. appearance by Jürgen Reble (Bonn, Germany) who, as part of the seminal filmmaking ensemble Schmelzdahin, pioneered collective performance cinema work throughout the 1980s, developing a practice of film, performance and installation rooted in real-time chemical and mechanical manipulation of celluloid film. The program concludes with an equally rare appearance by Trinchera Ensamble (Mexico City/Seattle), whose Lux-ex-Machina forms an overwhelming and chaotic live film-collage combining appropriated celluloid with optic games and spontaneous cutting, scratching, burning, dissolving, painting of film.

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