When Swedish doom/stoner outfit NORRSKEN split up in 2000 it gave birth to two new bands. While one remaining member founded WITCHCRAFT, the rest of the band went on to form something really rare, something obviously unique – an honest sonic feeling that is now known as GRAVEYARD. A group that stands for no boundaries, no limits at all. Playing all sorts of rockish music makes GRAVEYARD stand out from the crowd. Be it classic rock, blues, jazz, folk – you name it – the authentic quintet makes it sound real at any time. With wide influences spreading throughout different genres, GRAVEYARD always stay top notch in what they do – giving the listener a broadened spectrum of emotions, moods & feelings. BLACK SABBATH meets ROLLING STONES meets LED ZEPPELIN meets JANIS JOPLIN … the list could go on longer and longer… While other bands just count on their neo satanic attitude or revived old school imagery, GRAVEYARD deliver it all along with stunning tunes that take you on a journey to a long lost decade of true musicianship.


The band Spiders was formed in February 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by John Hoyles (ex-guitarist
of Witchcraft) and Axel Sjöberg (drummer of Graveyard) along with singer Ann-Sofie Hoyles and bass
player Matteo Gambacorta. In August 2010 the band recorded their first recordings with renowned
producer Don Ahlsterberg. The songs became released as a 4-track EP via Crusher Records (Sweden)
in January 2011 but also as one 7-inch single via Kemado Records (USA) and another 7-inch via Valley
King Records (USA).
In February 2011 drummer Axel Sjöberg left Spiders to focus full time on his other band Graveyard to
be replaced by Ricard Harryson. By the end of August 2011 Spiders released the single Fraction via
De:nihil Records (Sweden). In October the same year the band supported Graveyard for a handful of
shows in Denmark and Sweden.
In October 2012 Spiders released their first album, Flash Point, via Crusher Records (Sweden) and
Bickee Music (Japan). The album immediately entered "Sverigetopplistan", the Swedish national
record chart of most sold albums. Later the very same year Spiders and their album were nominated
for P3 Guld (P3 Gold) in the category "Best Rock / Metal of the Year" (music award hosted by
Sveriges Radio, Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster.) In November and December of
2012 the band supported Graveyard on tour covering Sweden, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom,
The Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.
In 2013 the band appeared on Sweden Rock Festival, the largest rock festival in Sweden, and toured
Scandinavia as well as Spain and Portugal.
In January 2014 Spiders began recording their 2nd album with producer Mattias Glavå at Kungsten
Studio, Gothenburg. The same month Spiders had the honor in supporting Norwegian act Kvelertak
for eight shows in Sweden and Finland.
In April 2014 bass player Matteo Gambacorta left the band to be replaced by Olle Griphammar.
In May 2014 the band went on European tour with Canadian act Blood Ceremony for twenty shows
covering eleven countries. On May 27th the band released their first single via Universal Music /
Reaktor Recordings. Three days later Spiders played the STHLM Fields festival together with Metallica
and Slayer.
By the end of October 2014 Spiders released their 2nd album, Shake Electric, via Universal Music /
Reaktor Recordings in Scandinavia and Spinefarm records in the rest of Europe and USA. The album
entered the Swedish national record chart as number 7 of most sold albums. The band was also
nominated again for P3 Guld Awards, but also the Swedish Grammy Awards for "Best Rock / Metal of
the Year" and the Bandit Rock Awards (hosted by Swedish radio channel Bandit Rock). The album
title track "Shake Electric" received weekly airplay at Sveriges Radio (Swedish national radio) from
release day and approximately six month on. In November and December the band played 40 shows
in Europe as co-headline act with Swedish act Horisont. The band also played a live radio
broadcasted show on December 3rd for P3 (Swedish national radio).
In the first half of 2015 the band played shows in Sweden and Europe. During the summer the band
appeared on Swedish major festivals such as Peace & Love festival, Putte I Parken, Getaway Rock
Festival, Storsjoyran, Kirunafestivalen, Trästockfestivalen and Eksjö Stadsfest.
On October 16th Spiders released a three track EP via Universal Music / Reaktor Recordings in
Scandinavia and Spinefarm Records in the rest of Europe and USA. Between October 14th and
November 26th the band tour Europe as main-support to popular British act Uncle Acid and the

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