Moniker Records + Wharf Cat Records CMJ Showcase

WALL is a post-punk band based in New York City. Members include Sam York (vocals), Vince McClleland (guitar), Elizabeth Skadden (bass/vocals), and Vanessa Gomez (drums). Members' previous bands include Finally Punk, Keepsies, and Fergus&Geronimo. WALL will have their first release on Wharf Cat Records early next year.

Psychic Blood

Psychic Blood from Massachusetts will be releasing their new album on Wharf Cat Records early Fall 2015.

Chicago’s original Industrial/Avant/Gospel/Noise Band formed in January 1980 and have been with us ever since so their recent increase in activity isn’t a comeback so much as a resurgence.

Experimental Performance, NOISE, and
Industrial Poetry Performance Band;
Exploring Gospel's Darkest Conflicts,
Tragedies and Premises.

ONO released a pair of albums on Thermidor Records out of San Fransisco, "Machines That Kill People" in 1982 & "Ennui" in 1986 and a pair of albums on Moniker Records out of Chicago, "Albino" in 2012 & "Diegesis" in 2014.

ONO's latest album on Moniker records was released on October 30, 2015 and is called "Spooks''.


When I first heard Lazy describe their sound they replied "gothic soul; Like Al Green with blood on the sheets". While an abstract description at best it draws the same kind of energy that spawned their punk sentiments. The band first formed as Lazy K formed in late 2009 for a cold night of Gun Club covers at a dive bar in Lawrence, KS. After the winter the band went on to write their own original material . Lazy is a four piece made up of Sarica Douglas, Brock Potucek, Matt Huff, and Zach Van Benthusen. Past and presently the members have been apart of such projects: Fortuning, The Church (A RIP DIY Space in KC), Ssion, Whoop Dee Doo, Biker Chick and the Riff Raffs, Cunt-Alope and Witch and Hare. In the summer of 2010 they entered the studio with Ad Astra Arkestra band leader Mike Tuley to record their self titled debut. Immediately following the recording sessions the band took their antics on a summer tour down the west coast. Before they left on tour they signed to hometown label The Record Machine for the release of debut ep and 7? which was released the winter of 2011. Lazy is currently writing and working on material for the follow up release.

Gel Set

minimal synth from chicago, il.

Jimmy Whispers

Former Light Pollution main man James Cicero has hit upon something special with his new solo project, Jimmy Whispers. He sings sincere songs about love and loss with just a chintzy organ recorded straight to an iPhone, and what the music lacks in fidelity it more than makes up for in unself-conscious heart, blissful melodies, and enchanting hooks. He's finished an album, but you can't get it just yet—a proper release is in the works. Cicero plays out often enough, though, that the tunes will stick with you till his next show—and you can still walk away with a copy of his Summer in Pain zine. It builds on themes that also turn up in his music, in his stage banter, and in the crude "Summer in Pain" street art he's plastered around town: there's a collage about Chicago's gun violence, a letter to a woman selling a wedding gown via a flyer, doodles of sharks, non sequiturs about finding inspiration in sadness, and an image that superimposes Cicero on a photo of Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen. Summer in Pain is pretty scatterbrained and not always easy to understand, but it feels entirely earnest—which makes it a great companion to Cicero's songs.





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