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Robbing Millions

Robbing Millions is a new indie rock band from Brussels, Belgium lead by guitarist, singer Lucien Fraipont. They just released a first homerecorded EP called "Ages and Sun".

S [Jenn Champion / Carissa's Wierd]

"S started over a decade ago as a bedroom-based side project. Just a guitar, a four-track, and Jenn Ghetto's heartbreaking voice."

This is how most of my bios start. And it's true that my first S record, Sadstyle, was made in my room on a little four-track, and if I had a superpower it would be forced empathy.

I am sometimes known as one of the founding members of the now-defunct Seattle band Carissa's Wierd. We disbanded after releasing our third album in 2003, and some other members (Ben Bridwell, Mat Brooke) went off to form Band of Horses. They were wildly successful.

Suicide Squeeze released my second full-length record, Puking and Crying, in 2004. It was a little less bedroom-y and a little more electronic. I played a handful of shows, and then decided to quit music.

Of course, like many before me who have quit music, I made another record. 2010's I'm not as good at it as you was put out by Own Records, a label in Luxembourg. This album was back to basics — just melodic electric guitars and whispery vocals, once again recorded at home. I toured through Europe as a two-piece with another Carissa's Wierd offshoot, Grand Archives (Mat Brooke's band).

At the start of 2012, in the middle of a break-up, I started writing this record. As with the others, the songs all started in my bedroom, but I convinced my metal drummer friend Zach McNulty to help me flesh them out (you guys, he uses a lot of restraint), along with my longtime friends Betsy Olson (bass) and Carrie Murphy (guitar) because I knew they were talented, I liked being around them, and they both had cars.

We spent about a year getting the new songs livable. We played around Seattle, and then Hardly Art was like, "Hey if you are gonna make another record we would like to put it out." I got to know them when they reissued the Carissa's Wierd catalogue in 2010. And I was like "Yessssss!" So I tracked down Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) to engineer and produce this thing. I had worked with him on a few Carissa's Wierd albums some years back, and thought he would be a perfect fit.

After many months of trying to get our schedules aligned, there we were, in the studio with Chris Walla. As he was setting up my guitar amp combo and pulling gadgets off the shelves and microphones out of boxes he said to me, "This is how you make a Van Halen record." And then we made Cool Choices. I feel pretty good about it and I hope you think it is okay.

--Jenn Ghetto

tricot is an experimental rock band from Kyoto, Japan created in 2010 by three talented female musicians: Nakajima Ikkyu (vocals, guitar), Kida Motoko "motifour" (guitar, vocals), and Sagane Hiromi "hirohiro" (bass, vocals). Previous drummer Kazutaka Komaki left in 2014 with no official replacement but live drummers have included Yuumi of FLiP and Yamaguchi Miyoko of detroit7.

The band has developed a unique mix of elements using their fragile but dynamic vocal styles combined with thrilling, unpredictable and addictive song transitions as they explore dreamy post-rock-esque melodies and the complex rhythms similar to math rock.

In 2012 and 2013, due to the well recieved singles, EPs and mini-album releases, they performed at several major festivals across Japan such as ARABAKI ROCK FEST, FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, ROCK IN JAPAN, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, MONSTER BASH, WILD BUNCH FEST, SWEET LOVE SHOWER and more.

Not long after this was the arrival of tricot's debut full-length album "T H E" which followed another long and successful support tour, leading into the 2014 year with appearances around 5 countries during the "What's Ochansensu-Su!? tricot Asia Tour".

That same year the band appeared at four large festivals in Europe and show no signs of slowing down their rapidly expanding career.

The band's name is sometimes stylized as: トリコ (toriko)

Shopping are propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass. The band was formed in 2012 by members Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums), who've all done time in a plethora of notable UK DIY bands including Trash Kit and Wet Dog. They pull from a well of 70's post-punk with a voraciousness seldom seen these days, bringing to mind the jagged aggression of Gang of Four, the voracious yelp of The Slits and the dance inducing thrust of Delta 5 and ESG.
The band released a 7 inch single shortly after forming, which sold out within a week. The band's self-released debut LP, put out via their own MILK records in the UK has received whole-hearted acclaim, selling out their 1000 piece run in just a few months by hand delivering them to top-tier UK shops, who couldn't seem to get enough of their groove riding, tough talking, life-loving post-punk funk. Now the band have signed on to FatCat, with a new LP on the way later in 2015 and to introduce the band stateside we're making their self-released album available here for the first time.
The band are tirelessly committed to taking their sound to new audiences and spreading the Shopping gospel, securing impressive gigs along the way including main support for ESG and Gang Of Four as well as main support on Merchandise's 2014 UK tour. Fully entrenched in the vibrant UK DIY community Shopping are all about being as productive and creative as possible and as such theyve been described by the NME as a "band you need to hear." Their shows are incredibly fun and undeniably thrilling to watch.

"Over Easy, their debut EP, is the product of that labor, a collection of brisk, personal pop-punk that recalls '90s bands like Beat Happening or Tiger Trap in its simplicity and Eternal Summers in its tone." - Pitchfork

Sweet Spirit (JUST ADDED IN THE 8PM!)

With notorious ferocity and powerful hooks, Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen's newest musical project, Sweet Spirit, has quickly garnered critical praise and captivated the Austin music scene. Known to long-time Austinites for their work in A Giant Dog and Bobby Jealousy, Sweet Spirit proudly strengthens a decade-plus collaboration between the writing partners.

From their first performance at the 2003 Spring, TX homecoming dance as ad-hoc cover band Youth In Asia, Ellis and Cashen have refined their partnership, and by 2014 needed a new outlet for songs ill-fitting the garage-rock restraints of A Giant Dog. Following sage advice from the young producer mystic Tom Brenneck, Ellis rounded up Cashen and a troupe of fellow far-flung service-industry daydreamers to produce a throwback country soul group. Through their first year as a band, Sweet Spirit developed their sound with a diversity and balance of influences, for which the group quickly gained acclaim. Delivered in sultry harmonies with as many guitars as possible, Sweet Spirit gives exuberant voice to the struggles of loving and living.

Drafted alongside Ellis and Cashen are lifelong pianist Jake Knight (also of Bobby Jealousy), drummer Daniel Blanchard (Leatherbag, Wire Tree), Megabig bassist Jon Fichter, and charmbomb guitarist Josh Merry. The Sweet Spirit house band features vocalist/percussionist Cara Tillman (Burgess Meredith), Leslie Matthews on alto sax, and trumpeter Samuel Rives.
Sweet Spirit's sound reflects an intimate and reverential familiarity with American pop, illustrating the emotional tribulations of this year and yesteryear. Mike McCarthy will produce their first record, due in summer 2015 on Nine Mile Records.

by Emmet Duff

Weaves is a guerrilla project, intentionally forcing each member to create outside of the tiresome redundancy of a four-piece band. Reluctant to hide behind a wall of reverb or instantly affiliate with a scene, they are focused on mirroring pop sensibilities while evoking a visual and vulgarized experience.

Jasmyn Burke and Morgan Waters were sick of making music. Burke had just moved on from her long-time project RatTail but didn't know if she should continue, or how. Waters had seen his fair share of the poppier side of the Canadian music industry but was disillusioned and longing for more grit. The two were reinvigorated after a chance meeting and the exchange of some preliminary cellphone demos. The tension between Burke's affinity for topsy-turvy tunes and Waters' ear for buoyant pop hooks meant that their resulting songs could totally revel in fun, arty, noisy weirdness yet still maintain a level of accessibility. Rhythm section Spencer Cole and Zach Bines have since joined to help fill out Weaves' freaky, three-dimensional songs in the studio as well as onstage.



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