CMJ College Day On Tour, The Ghost Ease

CMJ College Day On Tour

CMJ College Day On Tour is a new series of day long, college radio-curated regional events. Traditionally held during CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, College Day aims to fill a day with great programing and speakers from and related to college and non-commercial radio, allowing both new and experienced voices from the radio world to talk about the issues that matter most to them. Following the 35th anniversary of CMJ Music Marathon, College Day On Tour takes the spirit of College Day and translates it to be more personal and regional across the country, aiming to invigorate the CMJ College Radio community in every pocket of the country. Its first stop is in Portland, Oregon, a city renowned for cultivating fresh ideas and up-and-coming artists. For the event, CMJ will be taking over Holocene with a full day of programming dedicated to emerging talent at college and non-commercial radio, focusing on the voices, ideas, and music that make the Pacific Northwest the storied scene it is.

As the keynote for the day, The Thermals will be chatting with CASH Music's Maggie Vail, who co-hosts the weekly radio show Strange Babes with bassist Kathy Foster on XRAY FM. Throughout the day, attendees will also enjoy live performances from Portland artists Jackson Boone & The Ocean Ghosts, Sabonis, and The Ghost Ease.

A full listing of the day's programming can be found on CMJ's official site:

The event is all-ages and open to the public. All CMJ member stations with an active New Music Review subscription will receive two free passes to this and/or any other College Day On Tour events throughout 2016. If you are a CMJ member station and would like to claimyour free passes, please contact the CMJ Radio Team at

CMJ is proud to partner with local college stations KDUP and KPSU to help program the day's discussions and music. College Day On Tour is also brought to you in part by our sponsors: Marmoset, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, KBOO, and Distiller Promo

The Ghost Ease

The Ghost Ease revel within the warm folds of a sort of soft savagery, pin-pricking holes into the fabric of the astral veil, and creating hypnotic, raw opuses by way of heavy guitars, frenzied drums and lilting vocal timbres.

Created in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Jem Marie as a solo project,
​T​he Ghost Ease evolved into a three-piece with the addition of drummer Nsayi Matingou in 2012 and bassist Laurence Vidal in 2014.

The Ghost Ease's woozy and vivid self-titled debut was released on Talking Helps in 2013 before the Portland trio partnered with Cabin Games for the powerful/seething Quit Yer Job EP (May 2015) and upcoming Steve Fisk-recorded full-length—aptly titled RAW—due out September
​ 4th,​ 2015.

RAW is simultaneously heavy and ethereal
​ like an amethyst raincloud​. The 10 tracks ebb and flow from softened layers of melody to frenetic shreds of distortion. Matingou's drumming moves nimbly while Vidal's bass ensures the album's swirling moments crash comfortably into the angular grunge freakouts. The dreamy intensity of Marie's guitar sounds are neatly woven around her voice. Her lilting cadence casts the album's moods like spells. From the tuneful crusher "PJM" to the swelling of "Gemini Rise" and the majestic piano of "Bye, Love​", ​​RAW embodies its name.

Jackson Boone

Jackson Boone is a songwriter born and raised in the misty magic of Portland Oregon. His Debut 12" Lp "Starlit" is out now via Chicago Indie Label~~ Wet Lettuce Records. "Starlit" is a lush & modern 9 track Art Rock Album. Acclaimed by both Willamette Week & Portland Mercury as one of the best psych albums to come out of Portland this year. Boone's sophomore LP "Natural Changes" was recorded in a beach house on the Oregon Coast & will be released on 12" Vinyl/CD/Cassette in spring of 2015.


"Sabonis, the band and the record, are in many ways the culmination of years of collaboration and friendship between five of the city's best musicians and songwriters. Stoner, drummer Cyrus Lampton and guitarist Michael Campbell all played together previously in Forest Park, a critically-fawned over local band that released a terrific EP in the beginning of 2012 before tragically disbanding, as young bands are wont to do, while Domen was a founding member of Your Rival, and guitarist/vocalist Edward Beaudin was primary architect behind "tweemo" band The Bustling Townships and punk nonpareils Zoogirl — two groups that are discussed in hushed tones by the city's more venerable tastemakers to this day. "We all grew up in the same music scene, and all our bands broke up at the same time, so we thought we should all just do one more band together," says Stoner.
In a way that's nearly impossible to explicate (aside from the fact that their name is a reference to a retired Trail Blazer legend), Sabonis, the band and the record, encapsulates everything beautiful and sad and quaint and wistful about vintage Portland, or more specifically, the vintage Portland music scene—something immeasurably special in a city whose cultural essence is evaporating as quickly as "exotic" ice cream parlors and clog stores and satellite Pearl Districts are materializing. Sabonis, the tape, is the latest micro-masterpiece in a continuum of quintessential Pacific Northwest punk releases, and while world domination might be pushing it, there is, at the very least, a place reserved for Sabonis, the band, in the pantheon of all-time Portland greats. Things are looking up."



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