Spaceface (mem Flaming Lips)

Spaceface (mem Flaming Lips)

Spaceface is a psychedelic rock/pop band from Memphis TN. Using creative soundscapes, groovy rhythms, and catchy vocal melodies, Spaceface has taken vintage psychedelic rock and blended it with pop and surf influences to form a truly unique sound. With their high energy and quality stage presentation, Spaceface puts on a show that will leave you dazed and wanting more.
They are currently working on their first album, a self-titled EP which will be available for vinyl and free download in the Fall.

Since their recent formation, they have been involved in two collaborative records assembled by The Flaming Lips to give tribute to King Crimson and The Stone Roses. These records were sold on limited edition colored vinyl and featured artists such as Ke$ha, Policia, Peaking Lights, New Fumes, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, HOTT MT, and Linear Downfall.

Prism House

Prism House is a Brooklyn-based audio/visual electronic duo focused on an aesthetic that feels uniquely a part of the internet age. The group performs regularly in and around New York City and has quickly gained a reputation for a live show that refreshingly combines immersive live visuals with found sound collage style musical compositions. The result is an experience that rides the line between dance and experimental music with a focus on controlled improvisation, and is an exciting take on electronic performance in an era dominated by pre-arranged performances and laptop DJ aesthetics.

"Multi-genre mash, the style is one of a collage of sepia Polaroids, incongruous on paper, awesome for audio: dreamy melodies, frantic power chords, loud-quiet-loud moments... it all sounds like C86 stretched to the new millennium." - the deli



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