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illustration by Guy Slimey

Slim Twig is a protean musical force from Toronto, where he's been called an "icon-in-the-making" and is an erstwhile rock-artist-of-the-year. Since ought-'08, he's released two early EPs, Vernacular Violence and Derelict Dialect, a searingly original, sampledelic debut full-length, Contempt!, and the acclaimed pop LP, Sof' Sike. He has created a string of re-mix recordings (the Spit it Twig! series), including the cassette/ download-only A Sheik in Scores, and has been featured in numerous compilations, notably the Clan Destine Records release, Statement, with Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans and U.S. Girls.

Starting in 2011, Slim Twig donned the producer's mantel for U.S. Girls. On their Palmist Records split, U.S. Girls/ Slim Twig, U.S. Girls on Kraak (Kraak Records), and the acclaimed, FatCat released Gem, Slim's work as mixer, co-songwriter and producer have helped to create unique new sounds for Meg Remy's project.

Slim has toured extensively throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe, both as a solo act and accompanied by a band.

His latest album, a Nabokov / Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude Vannier-inspired, orchestral-rock original, A Hound at the Hem, was co-released by Toronto-based Calico Corp. and
Pleasence Records.

Van Allen Belt

Emulating and re-contextualizing 1960's pop music with a "collage" methodology that involved several different musicians was originally how BK Ferris envisioned this Pittsburgh-based project. Morphing a devout approach with studio recordings into an interconnected audio/visual performance, this sensory melting pot of carefully designated influences can loosely be described as alternative pop for music lovers. The group has gained international recognition from sources such as Monolith Cocktail, The Wire, Head Heritage, Under The Radar, Exclaim! and Decoder for the music and visual pieces they produce. A new LP is planned to be released early in 2014. It is the second installment to the trio of albums that began with the debut "Meal Ticket To Purgatory"

Wet Socks

"Wet Socks is a garage-punk duo from Savannah, G.A. made up of Hunter Jayne (vocals/guitar) and John Zimmerman (drums). Formed by Hunter as a solo recording project in the summer 2012, Wet Socks now records and performs as a dynamic two-piece. The sound is fuzzy with a punk sensibility that fills a room with raw reverberated rock n roll. The band recorded their debut album “Drips” with Phillip Cope at The Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC in 2014."

Photo taken by: George Etheredge

Be/Non is a band out of time. Disciples of Zappa, the Beatles, Bowie and Waters (Roger, not Ethel), the four men of Be/Non forge a sound that refracts classic prog through a perception-warping prism of futuristic electronic psych and hard-charging space rock.

Unless your weekend routine typically includes munching shrooms while playing Metroid 2: Return of Samus, parsing metaphysics with the ghost of Arthur Lee, then unwinding to late-60s Canterbury Scene LPs, you've probably never experienced anything like Be/Non.

Be/Non was founded 15 years ago by Brodie Rush, then an epically inspired midwestern teenager who would grow up to become possibly the most simultaneously in-demand and enigmatic figure in the Kansas City/Lawrence music scene. Rock experimenter, burlesque performer, karaoke host and musical theater actor – nothing is out of Rush's range.

With Rush at the helm (on guitar, keyboards, percussion and lead vocals), Be/Non is rounded out by veteran musicians Jeremiah James (guitar, trumpet, keys, percussion, vocals), Ben Ruth (bass, keys, vocals, sousaphone) and Ryan Shank (drums, vocals, iPod).

Be/Non's latest album, A Mountain of Yeses, was released in May 2009, and the band is still finishing up the homemade, feature-length film that tells the story of the album in a combination of real footage and bizarre animations.

Musically, Mountain is Be/Non's boldest, most conceptually ambitious work to date – and the most cohesive. For a band that's been known to jab daggers of free-jazz experimentation into the flanks of riff-centric pop-rock while singing about mystic unicorns and human suffering in the same breath, that's saying something.

Those who summit A Mountain of Yeses do not return unchanged.

As Be/Non works to wrap the Mountain of Yeses movie for a late-2010 release, the group is also frequently in the studio recording tracks for the follow-up. Planned as a double injection of trans-dimensional rock, the next Be/Non record will likely be released on vinyl as a 12-inch, song-oriented vinyl LP packaged with a 10-inch EP of "atmospheric noise," according to Rush.

Until then, the formula remains: A band. A plan. A mountain. Be/Non.

Jorge Arana Trio

Jorge Arana Trio is a fusion group from Kansas City, MO. Formed early 2011, featuring members of numerous groups, including noise rock band Pixel Panda. The band incorporates elements of jazz, punk, noise, math rock, and a harmonic language reminiscent to contemporary classical.

The Jorge Arana Trio is Jorge Arana, Josh Enyart, and Jason Nash. They were formed in 2011 from the sparks of several progressive outfits colliding in an avant-garde geometry of rock, jazz, classical, punk, electronic, experimental, and incidental music. The Jorge Arana Trio has built a reputation as a gem within the Kansas City music scene and beyond. Their unique stylistic blend continues to turn the heads of diverse crowds.

Jorge Arana Trio’s latest offering, Mammoth, marks their third release and second full-length. Mammoth is a sophisticated blend of sounds and structures that challenges expectations, pushing the art rock genre into the world of progressive music with jazz fusion and math rock elements. Building on previous albums Mapache and Oso‘s use of playful genuine interaction in the patterned riffs and rhythms, Mammoth ups the ante by incorporating a tense and dark mood across the entire album. “Speak, Beast” sets the tone, casting a menacing shadow of distorted lead guitar over brooding keyboard pads and drums that sound more tribal than belonging in a rock band. With Mammoth, the listener gets the feel that they are in an epoch not their own – they are in a world of gnashing tusks, embattlement, and ultimately survival. Recorded in early 2016 by Justin Wilson at Sound 81 Productions, the album marks a new place and time in the Jorge Arana Trio‘s musical endeavors.

Mammoth 12-Inch vinyl is now available for pre-order. 150 copies of the LP are released in limited edition silver vinyl. The vinyl officially hits stores on Friday September 23rd, 2016, but pre-ordered copies will be delivered early.



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