Hamish Kilgour

Hamish Kilgour

Hamish Kilgour is a New Zealand musician notable for founding The Clean along with his brother David in 1978. He later moved to New York City and formed The Mad Scene in the early 1990s.[1]

His first solo album, "All of It and Nothing," was released on Ba Da Bing Records on September 16, 2014.

Goddess are one of New York’s most phantasmagorical, individualistic bands. There is no other group in town who sound remotely like them. Part creepy 60s psychedelic act, part folk noir, part underground theatre troupe, they create a magically eerie ambience, whether live or on record.

Ember Schrag

"Ember Schrag writes what could be called Great Plains gothic songs. She's a nimble guitarist, a gripping storyteller, clever lyricist and a strong, dynamic singer with a direct, clear, matter-of-fact voice. She originally hails from Nebraska and now makes New York her home. And while she's far from unknown in the dark folk demimonde, her writing transcends that genre: she's one of the most individualistic and interesting songwriters in any style of music." -New York Music Daily

Ember's band includes Omaha jazz drummer GARY FOSTER, New York guitarist BOB BANNISTER (Fire in the Kitchen, Tono Bungay, The Scene is Now), bassist DEBBY SCHWARTZ (The Aquanettas, P.G. Six), and returning bandmate SUSAN ALCORN, a Baltimore, Maryland-based composer and musician who has received international recognition as an innovator of the pedal steel guitar.



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