"Nothing Says I Love You like Doom"

There’s no doubt that Oregon’s Yob is one of the most recognizable names in the underground metal game of thrones. Their 2009 LP ‘The Great Cessation’ saw them reunited for the first time in many years and brought them to heights of recognition that they’d always deserved but hadn’t achieved. The world was finally ready for Yob. In 2011 Yob are now firmly back, tour ready and have delivered a striking 5 song statement in the form of Atma.

Black Cobra

After logging several years of experience with sludge metal icons Cavity and doom prognosticators Acid King, among other bands, New York-based vocalist and guitarist Jason Landrian and L.A.-based drummer Rafael Martinez began working in 2001 on a new project that would ultimately become known as Black Cobra. An eponymous EP eventually saw the light of day in 2004, followed by the full-length Bestial in 2006 and mini-album Feather and Stone in 2007, by which time the duo had developed into a vicious, super-distorted heavy metal machine reminiscent of Mastodon and High On Fire. Their latest release 2011's "Invernal" is receiving rave reviews across the metal community and beyond...

Walken.Yeah,like Christopher Walken. San Francisco is long known for it's spastic, experimental, genre bending cross-pollination of styles and scenes be it metal, punk, crust, post-rock, alternative or any bastardization of 'em all, and Walken proudly sees the challenge and pisses in its face. Raging with raspy but rockin' post-hardcore, Walken take hints from psychotics like Black Flag, B'last and pre-Melvins abusers Clown Alley and roll heads with just as many skatepunk skankin' circle pits and humanitarian anthems as they add a progressive-punk edge to the scathing mess of progressively-thinking sub-everything-core. To not much suprise two members of Grayceon inhabit Walken's ranks.Ugly,twitchy...catch​y." —Metal Maniacs (2/2008)

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