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The Combustion Mechanism

The Combustion Mechanism was started with one unique goal: Create music that is entertaining to the common listener, while still being intriguing to the studied musician.

Enter Greg Burgess and his lineup of talented musicians: Greg (guitar), Laura Johnson-LeDoux (drums), Shonna Montoya (bass). Greg and his crew were looking to start a new and refreshing metal band in the Denver scene, and Greg contacted Sean Babiniec (guitar) who then contacted Tyler Reschke (clean vocals) to fill out the rest of the lineup.

After a few practices and writing sessions it was clear that a unanimous vision was shared, a vision that reflected the true goal of The Combustion Mechanism. So the new crew adopted the name and spirit of TCM and began to write music that will be an entertainment staple in Denver, as well as be a learning process for both the band and the fans.

The amount of talent and previous track records of each member in the band is astonishing, therefore, only individual biographies will truly introduce the band.

Distant Haven

With nearly 50 years of experience split between the 4 members, the band brings a variety of metal to the music they play. Wess’s thrash core, mixed with strong neo-classical, blues and Spanish inspired solo’s, along with Harvey’s innovative approach to the bass, Crowell’s in-depth cymbal, drum and vocal work, paired with Michael’s hard edged rhythms help complete Distant Haven’s mass appealing sound.

Burn Down Valor

Burn Down Valor formed in the summer of 2009 and made their live performance debut in Jan. 2010 at the Lion's Lair in Denver, CO. The band is currently recording songs for their demo and will be performing throughout the Denver.

Killing of Kindness

Brought up from 5 extremely painful, difficult, and different backgrounds within the suburbs north of Denver, The Killing of Kindness have already overcome a plethora of obstacles standing in their way for so many centuries. Traveling back to our time after a horrific venture into the future to study and emulate the soon to be metal scene, our heroes have risked their own lives by bringing us a taste of what is to come. Constantly on the run from the Time Police, the only hope we have to avoid losing the 5 most important human beings to have ever existed is to fully support these musical revelations so that The Killing of Kindness can generate enough energy needed to close the laceration in time and space. We must pray there is time, God help us all...

$6 Advance - $8 Day of Show


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