Excepter, White Suns


A synthetic protest band engineered to erase cultural distinctions through polarized confusion.

White Suns

The utterly demented sound of White Suns might be described as what happens when Weedeater and Converge tour together in a van with tinted windows, emerging months later unwilling to discuss what went on. Thick and heavy sludge tambours are interpreted by a progressive hardcore structures resulting in unmatched brutality.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

It hit their cult following hard when Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk unexpectedly split at the end of 2013. They had just released their most emotionally devastating LP, Think Tone, and their live chemistry was sharper than ever. For those who saw the road dogs during their pretty daunting tour schedule during the 2010s, you caught the band in rare form— much like AnCo, their live show was a separate, freer, noisier entity, even while they were in the middle of crafting their best actual songs.

Luckily, a new chapter has started for the band. After parting ways with Luke Namee, they recently reunited with founding member Josh Riepe to start work on new material. "Zebra Boy" is the first single from Kill The Fuzz, a forthcoming mini-album for Fire Talk Records (who put out Think Tone and Skeletor & Me). It's an immediate burst, both desperate and lighthearted, that hearkens to the mysterious entrances of some of their best "pop" songs past ("Let's Listen to Souvlaki and Make Out", "Jeremy Irons Couples Skate", the many beautiful moments that seem to spontaneously erupt from their more expansive jams).

- Matt Sullivan / Ad Hoc

Mezzanine Swimmers

She grew up on the plains of Kansas with no signs of life. In her later years she was raised by artist wolves who instilled in her an appreciation for noise rock. Today she is most interested in things that are primal, heavy, chaotic, and unexpected. Before she goes to sleep she pays homage to Hasil Adkins, The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, and all things with a bit of evil.



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