Le Destin du Jazz-club! Vancouver

Le Destin du Jazz-club! Vancouver

Set in a mythical, rain-soaked Vancouver café, three poignant love stories are told in this compelling French jazz opera. Written by Pascal Saunier, Le Destin du Jazz-club! Vancouver is an inventive mix of theatre and song, and a sensational celebration of French language and culture in Vancouver. The stellar lineup features musicians Miles Black piano, André Lachance bass, Nino DiPasquale drums, Steven Charles guitar, and a dynamic group of Francophone jazz, pop, and theatre vocalist/actors Karin Plato, Rebecca Shoichet (Mimosa), Jaclyn Guillou, Éléa Saunier, Patrick Olafson (Tocadéo) , Chantal Gosselin and Michel Duran.

$27.00 - $35.00


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