Kelela Mizanekristos is a Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter, born and raised outside of Washington DC. KELELA never received formal vocal training in her youth; instead she experimented with a range of vocal styles before finding her own sound in the music emerging out of LA's underground, most notably the producers of the Fade To Mind crew. Kelela brings forward-thinking and experimental songwriting into a prismatic context that fuses popular and club music. Her ability to bridge the gap between RnB and underground club culture brought her to the top of numerous year-end lists (with her debut Cut 4 Me) and established her as one to watch for 2014.

Kelela's debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, is the culmination of a long journey, exploring the space between loss and freedom, and the process of letting go as a catalyst for growth. Situated in a universe where pop is necessarily challenging, Kelela's songs are the result of her passion for the synergy between the vocalist, producer, and DJ. Since the release of CUT 4 ME Kelela began releasing a slew of standalone tracks featuring her collaborations with mc's and producers in and out of her network of like minded artists. She is also hard at work on her debut album. Kelela has toured the United States + Europe extensively and will continue to expand her live universe with a handful of upcoming headline and festival dates.

Los Angeles-based producer, DJ and label head Kingdom (aka Ezra Rubin) has built considerable influence with both his discography and the output from his own imprint, Fade to Mind. Kingdom first began to make a name for himself via a series of mixtapes; eschewing traditional genre limitations while adeptly combining elements of grime, house, underground club music, and more with currents of hip-hop and R&B, he developed a hybridized, cutting-edge, and potent strain of dance music. Shortly thereafter his Fool's Gold-issued debut Mind Reader was released, but in 2009 it was Kingdom's work with London's Night Slugs label, especially the widely acclaimed That Mystic and Dreama EPs, that truly brought his razor-sharp productions to the masses. Eventually, he relocated to Los Angeles and set up Fade to Mind in collaboration with his friends Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom, and Prince Will. Operating as a sister label to Night Slugs, Fade to Mind's ethos ignores imagined distinctions between mainstream and underground while experimenting with avant-garde rhythms and crafting a uniquely futuristic and dancefloor-ready sound. Moreover, the imprint has provided Kingdom with a vehicle to further develop his craft, whether he's flipping R&B and rap cuts into twisted club tracks, producing Kelela's debutCUT 4 ME, or directing the label's next level visual aesthetic.

Bok Bok

Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon is a London based DJ, producer, remixer and director of the incendiary Night Slugs record label.
DJing since 2004, Sushon started to make his name on London's underground scene around the time Grime music was first emerging from the capitol's tower blocks, and for the first years of his career he played little else. The unique inventiveness and raw energy of that music has remained with Sushon ever since those early days, as he discovered the wider world of club music, seeing many parallels between the homegrown music of London and House music from Chicago to South Africa, Techno, Baltimore/Jersey/Philly Club, 80s funk and a myriad other music styles across many eras. For Sushon, all these musics came together to form a seamless timeline, all complimenting, echoging and supplementing each other.

This pan-genre, time-irreverent mentality was the foundation of the Night Slugs movement. In 2008 Sushon would join forces with like-minded producer and DJ L-Vis 1990 to form Night Slugs (NS), initially a club night in South London. From day 1 the ethos was fiercely open-minded and DIY, as Bok and L-Vis dedicated themselves to club music. Through the events series and their DJ sets around the UK and Europe, the duo cultivated a unique sound, cross-polynating ideas from their various influences until a distinct community of producers crystalised around them.

In 2010 Night Slugs re-launched as a record label. Since then NS has been a non-stop source of cutting-edge, challenging and ambitious music for the club, launching the careers of artists such as Mosca, Jam City and Girl Unit and providing a context-rich platform for like-minded producers such as Kingdom, Egyptrixx and Lil Silva. The label's sound may be diverse but it's FEEL is distinctive, injecting its myriad influences back into the UK soundsystem heritage that inspired Sushon way back in his early days as a Grime DJ. In the process, Night Slugs has become a truly cult label, with a reputation for quality and innovation rivaled by few others and with a fan base as globally spread as Bok and L-Vis' inspirations.
Sushon plays a key curatorial role in the Night Slugs project, undertaking everything from the label's music and art-direction to engineering and mixing releases.

In 2009, Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 joined London's leading underground radio station Rinse FM - then a pirate. Rinse has since gained a broadcasting license and remains a cornerstone of London's music scene. Catch the Night Slugs Mix Show on Rinse every 4th Sunday of the month, 11pm-1am GMT on 106.8FM around London and Rinse.FM elsewhere.

Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof, a k a Nguzunguzu. The group, which takes its name from a traditional Solomon Island figurehead used to protect against supernatural forces during canoe trips, offers a unique blend of R&B, house, cumbia and tribal music. They are known for improvising with, well, really weird sounds achieved through electronic instruments and a room full of synthesizers, as well as for an energy that Hanratty says is "incredible."

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