Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth)

Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth)

Member of Sonic Youth, now in 30th year; visual artist, writer, producer etc. Recent live performances with partner Leah Singer, sight unseen, have been large scale, multi projection quadraphonic sound+light events, w Lee performing suspended guitar phenomena. A solo record of songs was completed this summer and slated for realease early in 2012, with band contributions from Steve Shelley, Nels Cline, John Medeski, Alan Licht and Bob Bert.

Sonic Youthʼs most recent recording: Simon Werner a Desparu, a film soundtrack [SYR9, 2011].

Leeʼs drawings, prints and videos have been on view this year in gallery and museum shows in places such as Bratislava Slovakia, Auckland New Zealand, Salt Lake City Utah and in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC.

Les Bonhommes (mem. Deerhoof, Rainer Maria)

We are Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof), William Kuehn (of Rainer Maria), & Deron Pulley.

Once we were out fighting, but we mended our injuries, smoothed down our hair, put on our best suits, and now we are Les Bonhommes.

Co La is the new exotica music of Matt Papich. People are calling it "Fresh" and "Evocative". It's New Anything Bass Music, kind of, but also part of the new Its Not Everything sound. Do you like Flow Motion by Can? Have you seen "O.C. and Stiggs"? Imagine skimming for a sweet spot and finding cool confusion - Pop Music For Dream Life. Are you too wise to live straight? Whose tears are superior? Post-Honeypot era New Reggae. Also, do you have flying dreams? Do you feel new solidarity with a global potential? Looney Tunes. Be real with a wall of sound, and slip a finger in your ear delicately. Feel successful at night. Playing conceptual footsy with predictive text and the future says "Co La?"

$12.00 - $15.00


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