Eclipse Movement is a Hip Hop band that writes and performs original music. This Cincinnati based seven-piece are versatile style-mashers as they combine Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, Classical & World music into their music. Their songs are interesting mixes of styles and aesthetics, combining new school with the old school, international influences with progressive Jazz harmonies, and Hip Hop vocals with the high-energy of a rock band. They perform with the precision of a ballet dancer but the attitude of a street fighter. Some have described Eclipse Movement as sounding like The Roots, Ozomatli, Outkast, and Garaj Mahal. This composite of talent comes from Brian Batchelor-Glader (keyboards, vocals and rhythm guitar), Max Gise (acoustic and electric guitars and vocals), Jibri McPherson(vocal), Rich Rone (vocal), Aaron Jacobs (upright and electric bass), Phillip Tipton (drums), and Paul Batchelor-Glader (saxophones).

Animal Crackers

The group, originally just DJs, formed in the early nineties. The founding members of The Animal Crackers are Casual T (DJ/Producer/Engineer), King SMO (DJ/Producer), and The Cincinnati Kid (DJ/MC). As DJs, they first began in 1995 by playing out at local venues. They expanded the group by having Mike B (DJ) and DQ (DJ) both Cincinnati locals, join in, and a consistent growing fan base furthered their exposure.

10 - 13

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The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary