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Venus Sound Trap

These four talented New Yorkers have been studying and playing music since elementary school.

Well versed in jazz, rock, blues, metal, hip-hop, pop, soul and even classical. These guys are true musicians-musicians.

High energy live performers, innovative songwriters, brilliant composers and arrangers. A Venus Sound Trap performance has the same intense passion that they exude in their lives.

The Colors That Remain is the debut album from Venus Sound Trap. The album was recorded in 4 different locations throughout the summer of 2011. The album blends rock, neo-soul, pop, and something undefinable to create a perfect back-drop to well written lyrics about life, living, loss, and love. "Father's Advice" just happens to be what some NY producers have called "The greatest song ever written about being a Dad." To be this innovative with music, Venus Sound Trap has the perfect mixture to have an amazing career in music.

Danielle Grubb

Danielle Grubb
Record Label
Button-Down Recordings
Trying to feel alive.
I'm experimenting with sound. Have a listen?
Current Location
Westchester, NY
Kaki King, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, The Virgins, The Strokes, Michael Jackson, Mute Math
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Maddie Rosene

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ .. .. It’s hard not to like a young woman who has put several years into writing and singing her own songs, mostly using just an acoustic guitar. Her MySpace tunes, such as “Short and Sweet” definitely have a 1960s folk feel, especially with vocal clarity that naturally comes with youth. “He Loves Me Not,” like many of Rosene’s songs, doesn’t crack the earth with its lyrics or with musical complexity. But her picking style and conversational tone are easy to listen to. It’s also quite easy to see that she brings much of the Alanis Morissette and Natalie Merchant influence to her recording. There is a serious side with Maddie Rosene that is tempered with a mischievous/humorous edge. “Love Me Like You Do” even suggests some of the Joni Mitchell style (though it would hard for anyone to match the magical weirdness of that legendary singer). Start listening to “Pretty Picture” with an open mind and open ears. This is coffee-house folk, much better than some similar music going around college campuses several decades ago. If you are in the mood for a relaxing, sweet evening of coffee and wine in a dimly lit room, look for this name on the marquee. You may also catch her sitting in the park, warbling away. -Inblaze


After over 3 years of playing together as a quintet, Long Island NY-based band The OverUnder has gradually morphed into the rock solo project of singer/songwriter Jimmy Connors. Since it's inception back in the summer of 2007, TOU has made a recognizable name for itself from playing shows all over the Northeast to garnering a favorable following via the internet.

The debut EP, "First Come, First Served", brought the band into the national spotlight. The OverUnder was nominated for an mtvU Woodie Award which recognizes the best music across college campuses nationwide. Soon after, Alternative Press Magazine featured TOU in the AP&R section of their December 2009 issue - a monthly installment that showcases buzzing unsigned artists. The record also peaked in the Top 20 of highly popular online music store Smartpunk

Amidst the notariaty of FCFS, which sports an array of anthemy Pop Punk tracks, were a collection of written songs that had yet to be introduced...some of which would probably fly a lot better in a local coffee shop than a sweaty mosh pit. Without the proper platform to release them, they remained on the shelf...but after several key lineup departures, Connors instead saw the negative as an opportunity to bring some different material to the forefront.

Influenced early on by acts such as Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind, Connors became inspired to tap into a new sound branching slightly away from the faster/edgier one that has solely characterized the band thus far. His latest effort, "Invisible Ink", is a melodic mix of both Pop/Emo rock and acoustic-infused songs. To produce the record, TOU enlisted the services of up and coming Florida producer Steven Howell to help capture the overall feel.

"Invisible Ink" is a true representation of artistic growth. Due for a winter release, it is sure to be music that both old and new TOU fans will take something from.



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