Material re-Issue (feat. Material Issue's Ted Ansani, Mike Zelenko, and Phil Angotti)

Material re-Issue (feat. Material Issue's Ted Ansani, Mike Zelenko, and Phil Angotti)

In 1985 jack of all trades musician Jim Elison started Material Issue. Not only did he play the guitar and sing lead for his band, he also composed the songs. A year later, Ellison stumbled upon Ted Asani while both were at Columbia College in Chicago and Material Issue had its bassist. The last puzzle piece arrived with the help from an ad in the Illinois Entertainer asking for a drummer which Mike Zelenko was their man. The stage was set with a trio that was ready for anything. Working out of Ellison’s parents house in Addison, IL they released Material Issue EP in 1987. These samples raised many eyebrows and impressed the pop world. “Sixteen Tambourines” was on a College Music Journal complication. With the success from the song “Sixteen Tambourines” being on the CMJ compilation, their next single “Renee Remains The Same” was played all over the Chicago land area. Next on their list was to write their debut album International Pop Overthrow that would change everything. The album International Pop Overthrow or IPO was an exciting combination of songs written between 1988-1991 and produced by fellow pop music player Jeff Murphy from the Chicago band Shoes. Under Mercury Records they astonished the music world and took their debut album International Pop Overthrow to #3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks charts with the single “Valerie Loves Me”. The other famous Material Issue tune “Diane” was broadcasted on MTV for the entire world to enjoy. In total selling 300,000 copies of International Pop Overthrow debut was not too shabby. IPO was followed up by Destination Universe which was also produced by Jeff Murphy that engineered the song “What Girls Want” also landing them to #6 on the charts. Destination Universe also included atypical ballads "Next Big Thing" and "Everything" but still maintained their Material Issue sound. Material Issue continued to tour heavily across the country in support of both albums. 1994 saw the release of Freak City Soundtrack which featured the hit "Kim The Waitress" (a cover of The Green Pajamas, written by Jeff Kelly). However, by the time Freak City Soundtrack was released, the momentum they had generated in the previous five years began to slow because Seattle rock and alternative music was overpowering the pop. Still touring around the Midwest and playing their favorite pop music is what Material Issuse is all about. They love giving audiences a taste of pure pop music. Collaborating with fellow indie pop rocker Liz Phair can also be added to their impressive and expansive resume. This resilient band is excited about their 20th anniversary to bring their artistry to a new generation of pop music lovers.


Chicago's Hushdropshave been combining the visceral powerhouse kinetic savagery of yer Who/Zeppelin
type trios with the unfiltered melancholy sweetness of the McCartney/Brian
Wilson types for what seems like centuries now. Joe Camarillo, Jim Shapiro
and John San Juan deliver a show that is as unpredictable as it is powerful.
They'll show you how it's done.

Redgrave (Lovitt Records)

Redgrave is Angie Mead (guitar, vox) and Stephen Howard (drums), a rock duo from Chicago.

Mead started writing and recording Redgrave songs in marathon stretches beginning August 2010 from her home in Chicago after furniture was moved into storage and replaced with recording equipment, drums and guitars. What started out as her scratch demos recorded through the audio of the video function from an old iPod Nano has since become a distinctive, cohesive 2-piece rock outfit.

Mead sent these demos to Chicago musician Stephen Howard (Pinebender, Ambulette) after wanting him to be her drummer for nearly years. They’ve been playing together as Redgrave since January, 2011.

Tim Rutili of Califone/Red Red Meat fame lends his guitar prowess to the track Gone to Wither, featured on the Redgrave debut 7″ (Lovitt Records, 9-26-11 ) with art design by David Yow, produced by Stephen Howard, recorded and mixed by Greg Norman at his studio in Chicago.

$35.00 - $40.00


Midnight champagne toast and party favors included.

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