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Sugar Red Drive

In the fall of 2007, three Poughkeepsie-based musicians began their quest to find the right voice for their music, guitarist Jim Knauss, bassist Davey Alexander and drummer PJ Gasperini hit the pages of MySpace music to search for their vocalist. That search landed them on singer Archit Tripathi’s profile. Having jammed together since high school, Knauss, Alexander and Gasperini weren't sure at first how they'd vibe with Tripathi, who is the son of an Indian diplomat, born in Zambia, then moved to a new country every three years, including India, Hungary, Sweden and Venezuela, where he graduated from high school and made the move to the USA after being accepted at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. But as soon as the singer sat down with an acoustic guitar, all skepticism was instantly erased. "He did some cover songs and totally nailed 'em," says P.J. Gasperini. "So we all started jamming and everything clicked." The new foursome dubbed themselves SUGAR RED DRIVE and they dove headfirst into writing what would be their first album. Six months later Sugar Red Drive entered Applehead Studios in Woodstock, New York with longtime songwriter and producer Pat Gasperini (guitarist for pop-rock outfit Pound and drummer P.J.'s father). The result was the band’s self titled debut. The band’s chemistry was clear as industry tastemaker Billboard Magazine stated “S.R.D.'s debut album has a muscular foundation and a just-right fit of aggression and hooks that set the band up for an impressionable start."

Their explosive first single One More Time, reached #41 on the Active Rock Charts and was in the Top 20 songs on Music Choice for 6 months. Meanwhile, the band hit the road and completed three US tours with the likes of Buckcherry, Seether, Theory of a Deadman, Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Papa Roach to name a few. Their dedicated and loyal following caught the attention of managers Scott Frazier and Rick Smith who immediately launched the band on a 50 date tour with Saving Abel.

Following that tour, the band and their team agreed that they had outgrown their first record and needed to capture and record their new momentum. Frazier and Smith rolled them back into the studio where they cut tracks with Brain Howes (Hinder, Daughtry, Puddle of Mudd) and Grammy Award-winning producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel / Sick Puppies / Saliva / 12 Stones). With Skidd, Sugar Red Drive found the sound that they had been developing and driving towards.

The resulting tracks are the 12 solid full blow rock anthems that make up the band’s upcoming sophomore release A Story of Signs, which is sure to have the masses singing along. The first single No Apologies produced by Brain Howes is filled with effortlessly aggressive, revenge-fueled rock 'n roll “it's about that streotypical ramblin', gamblin' rock and roll band making its way across the land. You make 'friends' with a new girl in each town. The song's perspective is a little different from my own, but that makes for a whole new experience for me onstage, getting to play this balls-out, cocky guy who makes ‘No Apologies’ it's fun for a few moments and then I come back down to my regular self again” --- states frontman Archit Tripathi

Also off the upcoming release is the track Marching Man, an intense lyrical ballad that portrays the struggles of war through a weathered, experienced viewpoint. “The song to me is very personal. I've had the great fortune and privilege to know a bunch of people in the armed forces and they are all some of the most amazing people I've ever met. The 'Marching Man' himself is inspired by a good friend of mine, Gunnery Sergeant Michael Rogers. He is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I want to make clear that this song is an anti-war song, but it's very much a pro-troops song. It's about the pain of having to leave your loved ones and it's about their families and the anguish they go through at home“– Explains frontman Archit Tripathi

Listeners may be surprised to hear these songs and lyrics coming from a band of early twenty-something’s, but Sugar Red Drive has packed a lot of living into their years and it’s all reflected in the upcoming release A Story of Signs.


Since forming in 2007, Seven Day Sonnet has honed its sound and musical chops, has found incorporating metal roots to achieve a unique, melodic sound that’s “heavy, an hear in songs like ‘Hapless, yet musical and well-defined,” explains guitarist Rick Tauber. That’s something we strive for as a band. We all put our two cents in and refine songs down to their best essence elements.” It’s like cooking--a pinch of this and that.” Adds lead guitarist Michael Scarlata: “Rick and I will spend hours at a time shaping guitar sounds and integrating them into the music as a whole. We complement each other well.” Handling the lyrical duties is Ben VanBuskirk, who mines personal experience, introspection, and literature for inspiration. SDS’s first single, ‘Hapless,’ is a somewhat antiquated word that struck VanBuskirk as an unordinary, yet perfect title for the topic and title of “losing someone very close to you.” The tune was produced by Johnny K at Groovemaster Studios in late 2010, as were ‘Farewell to Good Days’ and ‘Crying My Name’ which will end up on the band’s full-length Big Time debut later this year.

"I am to glad to have had the opportunity to work with emerging artist Seven Day Sonnet. Their rare combination of heavy riff laden guitars, poignant lyrics, and soaring vocal melodies separates them from the pack. Seven Day Sonnet is definitely a band to watch out for in 2011!"-Johnny K

"All your leaders fail to lead you when your lovers fail to love" -- says Hierosonic on their latest album, with no shortage of thought-provoking messages, dirty bass lines, and pop hooks. Originally conceived in 2002 out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the band's steady career has spanned more than 9 years and several hundred performances, solidifying the band as a staple within the realm of underground rock music.



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