Hess is More

Hess is More

The brain-child of Danish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Hess, this p owerhouse balances the spontaneity of a Brooklyn warehouse rave with the complex scope of an orchestra drawing comparisons to everyone from Erlend Oye and Jon Brion to CAN. Their 2011 Nublu Records release "Creation Keeps the Devil Away" continues to receive global acclaim with Hess himself actively composing and performing with the Royal Danish Ballet and being included in the soundtrack for the Amnesty International 50th Anniversary Film while leading the band's enigmatic and wholly energetic live performances that make you an instant fan and keep wanting, well... more.

Xenia Rubinos (Record Release Show!)

Magic Trix by Brooklynite Xenia Rubinos might
cause an initial reaction like you are being tasered
(bro). There is little to compare to the sharp, thick
spine of a keyboard sound that shoots at you from the
very first moments. Surprisingly, the record's
aggressive sound is achieved without the use of
guitars. Xenia, together with drummer/sound magician
Marco Buccelli, create a dozen aggressively danceable
songs. An oblique assemblage of uncommon rhythms,
powerhouse vocals and dance-til-you-puke energy
combine to make Magic Trix one of the most exciting
debut albums in years.

Having toured the US nationally including official showcases at
SXSW, Xenia continues touring steadily in support of her
album release on Ba Da Bing Records. Xenia's music has been celebrated by fans and
critics alike with features in MTV, VICE, NPR, Fader, WNYC, The New Yorker.

"One of our favorite artists of the year, truly new and exciting!" - NPR
"Absurdist pop powered by soul-fueled vocals" - VICE
"Somehow she manages to always do weird s**t you weren't ready for, while making it a delight to listen to at the same time!"- MTV
"Standout act, a lo-fi, minimalist sound sometimes likened to Bjork."- Billboard Magazine

Bow Ribbons

"Let it never be dismissed as some quaint value. Sincerity is perhaps that final, graceful pirouette towards what the Spanish name duende — an absolute and utter possession, a force of severance from consciousness — having soul. Bow Ribbons‘ self-titled album is a musical testament to the sincerity of its two authors Pete and Willow. A powerful yet un-imposing union between guitar and voice, keys a unique presence that is indicative of Bow Ribbons as both multi-timbral and able minimalist.." --Nicky Mao


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