The Parlor Mob

The Parlor Mob

The Parlor Mob is a rock band.

The band consists of guitarists Paul Ritchie and David Rosen, drummer Sam Bey, bassist Anthony Chick, and vocalist Mark Melicia. Formed in 2004 in New Jersey, the band self released an album in 2005, they were signed in 2007, released their Roadrunner Records debut “And You Were A Crow” in 2008, and are currently in production on their next album in Austin, TX.

On their upcoming 2011 release:

“The process that brought us here with these songs was long, extremely intense and emotionally heavy, and we’re fully aware it took a bit longer than expected, but the recording process we plan on making fast, spontaneous and equally as emotionally charged.

We’re currently more powerful than we’ve ever been, and feel more strongly about these songs than we ever have about anything in our career.

We cannot wait to bring you this record.

Love, The Parlor Mob”

Dinosaur Eyelids

For a band to proclaim that they are: “alternative rock for a new generation” on the back of their debut release takes guts.

Their brand of alternative rock is hard-hitting and straight to the point, while grunge and metal can be heard in amongst the driving melodies, which is unsurprising, given that Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Soundgarden are cited as influences.

‘White Lies’ and ‘Waves’ are undoubtedly the stand out tracks here, along with the down-tuned fuzz of the albums title track.

Dinosaur Eyelids have played 45 shows since they began touring in June 2009, and the tightness of Winter Solstice can be attributed to this.

The four-piece are busy putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming release, Down The River, which will hopefully see their individual brand of alternative rock leave their New Jersey roots, for the good of their generation.

Problem Solving

The long and the short of the story is that we are a four piece original rock n roll band from Philadelphia. In one form or another, Problem Solving has been together since 1998. First playing in Coffee shops and Schools in thier younger days, PS now plays the downtown Philadelphia Clubs as well as surrounding areas. We love bands and original music. If you in a band we want to play with you. We want you to play with us. You like music? Come out to a show. We want you to have a good time, maybe get lit up, meet a nice guy or girl, get married and invite us as a band to your wedding. After all you did meet at our show, it's the least you can do..... Add your friends!.... Witty remarks are also welcome (not gratuitous ads from bands we never heard of. Seriously be reasonable. We don't mind and ad, but at least introduce yourself first. Or we will be posting on your site the biggest, most obnoxious ad in the history of MySpace, YourSpace & Everyone'sSpace.)..... Up Next: Problem Solving will Traverse the known Universe...AND BEYOND!!.. .. ....



While supplies last - Purchase two tickets to Parlor Mob at the North Star Bar on Thursday October 27th and you will be mailed a copy of their new CD, DOGS, available in stores and online Tuesday October 11th. Please include your current mailing address when making your purchase. Must purchase two tickets for free CD.

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