VIA Festival 2014 * Pittsburgh "FROM DEEP"

VIA Festival 2014 * Pittsburgh "FROM DEEP"

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FROM DEEP screening & director's talk

Coming home after a year of racking up awards and praise, Brett Kashmere's ambitious documentary is part sociological treatise, part audiovisual mix-tape, charting the three-decade love affair between basketball and rap.

Drawing its imagery from contemporary pick-up games, movies, music videos, video games, and spectacular sports footage, FROM DEEP is about the game of basketball and its profound role in American life – as an everyday street game played by millions around the country; a force in fashion, music, and mass media; and a platform for broader issues of race and class.

Kashmere, members of the production, and local sports commentator will discuss the creative process behind the making of FROM DEEP considering professional and pick-up basketball in connection to wider concerns of race, class, hip hop, commercialism, youth culture, and the business of basketball.

Kashmere is a Canadian-born, Pittsburgh-based filmmaker, curator, and writer. Combining traditional research methods with materialist aesthetics and hybrid interfaces, Kashmere's video essays explore the intersection of history and (counter-) memory, popular culture, geographies of identity, and the politics of representation.


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