Spelling Reform Residency presents Ashley Cubbler + Luke Pigott Record Release Show

Spelling Reform

Philadelphia’s Spelling Reform maneuvers ceaselessly: joyously nihilistic pop rock, stutter-stop power pop, lengthy coordinated guitar solos, even a phantom banjo-led sway. Comfortably confounding, occasionally reckless and subtly contemplative, the group’s tunes ruminate on memory, identity and love and mention albatrosses, diving bells, shuttle buses, bags full of rocks and stolen napkins. Spelling Reform's singles and local shows have gained the attention of The Philadelphia Inquirer, WXPN’s The Key and more, and the band’s debut, a four-song EP entitled Diving Bell, is scheduled for release on CD and cassette in July 2015.

Ashley Cubbler and Luke Pigott

Luke Pigott and Ashley Cubbler met on a popular dating website targeting lonely creative types. That's how this all started. Two strangers finding an unexpected outcome from the world of cyber dating. Luke, a Mississippi transplant to Philadelphia, sent Ashley a promotional video for his music, and the two artists realized they created in the same way. Luke liked Ashley's songs and Ashley liked Luke's songs, so they decided to take a shot in the dark and join forces. The group's first release, "Life Is Short, Come Home For Christmas", was recorded in roughly 10 hours over a weekend in rural Ambler and will be released on Ousted Records.


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