DEATH ceased to exist as a band in 2001 when Chuck died from cancer. The DEATH DTA tours was randomly named to make it clear that it is not an attempt to re-launch DEATH but is a tribute to Chuck & DEATH by the people who knew Chuck - his musicians, family & manager. DEATH, DEATH DTA TOURS and DTA are all United States trademarks of Perseverance Holdings Ltd.

Beginning their career as Xecutioner in 1984, Obituary remains one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the death metal genre, one which they helped to create. Hailing from the sunny state of Florida with a bevy of bands with a decidedly un-sunny take on metal Obituary along with Death, Morbid Angel, and Deicide, combined hyper-speed guitar riffing, complex arrangements and guttural screams to create a bleak and violent soundscape that defined a genre. Unlike their peers though, Obituary avoided the more common trappings of this style of music shunning the Satanic bent of the lyrics and the breakneck pace of the dual guitar assault.

In 1989 Obituary released their debut album, Slowly We Rot, a death metal milestone. Brilliant in both its complexity and brutality, Slowly We Rot gave us but a glimpse of things to come. They followed it up in 1990 with Cause of Death, which saw Allen West replaced by former Death guitarist James Murphy (Cancer, Disincarnate) and bassist Daniel Tucker replaced by Frank Watkins (Hellwitch). 1992 saw the release of The End Complete and showcased the talents of a band clearly at the top of its game. With the departure of Murphy and the return of West, The End Complete is vicious and tight ripe with intensity. In 1994 death metal fans were treated to both Don't Care and World Demise. After a three year hiatus, Obituary returned with Back from the Dead, proving that old habits die hard . . . and heavy. Back from the Dead was unrelenting in its power and craftsmanship, proving once and for all that the band that started it all could still do it the best.

Now the band returns with Anthology, a retrospective of their ten year career as death metal masters! Over ten years, half a million albums sold and almost 500 shows later . . . Obituary close the coffin on a decade of death.

Resurrected 1990s Florida-based death metallers MASSACRE will release their long-awaited comeback album, "Back From Beyond", on March 24 in Europe and April 1 in North America via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded and mixed by Tim Vazquez of CGM Studios in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and features original MASSACRE "From Beyond" members Rick Rozz on guitar (ex-MANTAS/DEATH) and Terry Butler on bass (OBITUARY, ex-DEATH/SIX FEET UNDER), with new frontman Ed Webb on vocals (ex-DIABOLIC/EULOGY) and new drummer Mike Mazzonetto (ex-PAIN PRINCIPLE). The cover artwork was created by Toshihiro Egawa (CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN, DEVOURMENT)

Keep yourselves prepared for the brutality of a new MASSACRE album and world tour. Believe it! (Back From Beyond) 2014.

Rivers Of Nihil


Soul Crushing Death (Metal Blade Records)
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Formed in 2009 in Reading, Pennsylvania, RIVERS OF NIHIL – which can be can be defined as the continuation of a neutral flow of retaining emptiness; humble, egoless…— took shape after Jake Dieffenbach (vocals), Ron Nelson (drums), and Jon Kunz (guitars) got together to create a band to push the boundaries of death metal. Formed out of the ashes of their previous band, Jake, Ron, and Jon played their first show as a three piece, but soon after the band recruited Adam Biggs (bass/vocals) and Brody Uttley (guitars) who had both recently exited their own old band. RIVERS OF NIHIL went on to self-release two EPs—2010′s Hierarchy and 2011′s Temporality Unbound. The band played several shows and toured throughout the East Coast and Midwest, including stops at Midwest Fuckfest with Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Arsis, and Akron Deathfest with Complete Failure. RIVERS OF NIHIL continued to tour in support of their EPs, sharing the stage with Suffocation, The Faceless, Despised Icon, Revocation, Beneath the Massacre, Dysrhythmia, Decapitated, Six Feet Under, and Decrepit Birth, logging over 50 dates in the US alone.

Enter the summer of 2012; RIVERS OF NIHIL and Metal Blade Records began talks, and in September the band was officially signed to the label. In March of 2013 RIVERS OF NIHIL entered the studio with death metal master Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) at MANA RECORDING STUDIOS (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Exhumed, Mountain Goats) in St. Petersburg, Florida to begin the recording of their first full-length studio set for release before the end of 2013. Once RIVERS OF NIHIL finish recording they will hit the road to play in front of as many metalheads as possible during the summer and fall to support their upcoming Metal Blade Records debut.


'Untimely Demise have pulled off the impressive trick of making their complex music sound easy' -Metal Hammer UK
(Sophisticated thrash with deathly touches) -Malcolm Dome

'City Of Steel is a confident debut, seven tracks of slick physicality and some mighty impressive shredding...Just one album in, and they're looking like Saskatchewan's best metal export since Into Eternity' -Decibel Magazine

'....think Annihilator meets Kreator with a touch of Chuck Schuldiner' -Terrorizer Magazine

'This intense strain of blackened thrash shows that Canadians really love their metal and take its exercise seriously' -Hails and Horns

'This is some seriously sweet blackened thrash. They play a great style of thrash, but on top of that, the leads and solos on these songs are definitely something to take notice of'. -Metal Sucks

'old school thrash metal that reminds most of Kreator and Destruction' -Blabbermouth

'...a culmination of Carcass's whole-note holding patterns and melodic solos, Kreator and Death Angel-esque vocals, Testament's elongated arpeggios...and Death's hammering mid-tempo onslaught...these guys are diehard enthusiasts with impeccable agility.' -Exclaim! Magazine

Matt Cuthbertson (Lead Guitar and Vocals)
Murray Cuthbertson (Bass Guitar)
Sam Martz (Lead Guitar)
Cory Thomas (Drums)

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