iRock Jazz Presents Wayna

iRock Jazz Presents Wayna

Ethiopian born singer Wayna Wondwossen has been nominated for a Grammy Award for her song, Loving You. Wayna grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, raised by her mother Tidenekialesh Emagnu, who she pays tribute to in her song Mama’s Sacrifice, from her first album “Moments of Clarity.”

Her life in Washington DC exposed her to the problems facing immigrant communities.
Recently, Wayna released her music video for “My Love,” a song that tells the story of a woman trapped in a relationship with an abusive husband. The video features fellow Ethiopian musician B Sheba and Tsdale Worku, who performs as Wayna’s mother.

Her music is an empowering blend of the soulfully spiritual and playful. For inspiration, Wayna looks to her mentor Stevie Wonder, as well as the many other musicians she’s worked with over the years.



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