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Los Angeles-based Rusty Anderson, lead guitarist for the Paul McCartney Band, first picked up the guitar at age 8 and is largely self-taught, inspired by the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Genesis, The Mothers of Invention, and Mick Ronson. He formed his first band, Eulogy, at age 13 and soon was opening for bands like The Police, The Runaways, Van Halen, and Quiet Riot in southern California. Since then – in addition to lending his ample artistry to other musicians in the studio – Anderson has played in a number of bands, notably Animal Logic (with The Police’s Stewart Copeland and legendary bassist Stanley Clarke) and ‘90s alternative rockers Ednaswap, who released four major label albums and wrote the hit single “Torn” (later covered by Natalie Imbruglia).

This hard-wired, understated skill has made Anderson an invaluable player for a stellar laundry list of top artists that includes: Elton John, Willie Nelson, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Neil Diamond, Gwen Stefani, Regina Spektor, Nelly Furtado, Cat Stevens, Ron Sexsmith, Jewel, and Matthew Sweet. And, of course: Sir Paul McCartney, with whom he has toured and recorded since McCartney’s 2001 album, Driving Rain. In the past nine years, Anderson has played countless shows across the world as an integral part of the Paul McCartney Band – Rolling Stone has written, “McCartney's four-piece band handled the broad range of his music seamlessly, with fiery guitar work from Rusty Anderson” – as well as on McCartney’s albums Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (2005) and Memory Almost Full (2007). He also appears on four of McCartney’s live DVDs.

Revoltaire In the summer of 2010, the Los Angeles based band Revoltaire was formed. The group consists of Ruby Stewart (vocals), Jason Yates (guitar,keys), Chris Cano (drums) and Shawn Davis (bass). Introduced by a mutual friend, Ruby and Jason met for the very first time at Jason’s loft in downtown. Bonding over their shared love of the blues, and all things music, the two spent the next few weeks getting to know each other’s musical sensibilities.

Over a whiskey at the Short Stop bar nearby, they dreamed about forming a band together, a real band. Soon after they were privileged enough to be joined by Chris Cano and Shawn Davis, two Angelenos, who are veterans in LA’s underground music scene. Revoltaire was quickly becoming a reality.

What naturally formed was a blend of Rock N Roll and gritty American Roots music. The chemistry within the group was combustive from the very beginning. Ruby had an uncanny ability to keep up vocally with the rest of the band. They jammed for hours on end. Exploring and experimenting for the next few months, these extended jams resulted into hours of potential song ideas. Often these improvisations were well over 30 minutes long. It was this creative process that soon defined the group’s sound. In an effort to get back what has seemingly been lost in today’s climate of the solo artist, manufactured groups, and computer generated music, Revoltaire took the long road to acquire that true band sound.

With this philosophy in mind the songs were written together as a group. And their unique blend of styles and personalities created their sound. The band has decidedly taken an unorthodox approach to live shows, often playing at friend’s bars, back yard parties and venues off LA’s typical club circuit. These show have allowed the group to continue their development and mature at their own pace, while testing the material to unsuspecting crowds. Songs were written, then performed a few times before committing to a recording.

The band has just recently completed an albums worth of these recordings called “Painted Hour Glass.” Ruby’s lyrics are poetic and sung passionately. Her lyrics are submersed into large doses of all things classic about Rock and Roll. This album is a testament to the theories that Revoltaire has put into practice.

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