The Posies

Rock ‘n’ roll has rarely been as smart, soulful or satisfying than it has in the hands of The Posies. During an on/off career that’s spanned three decades, the Seattle-rooted outfit, led by musical polymaths Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, have shaped and re-shaped their muse, creating one of the more compelling catalogues in modern pop.

From the very beginning, the band sired a succession of classic LPs – including the now seminal Dear 23 and Frosting on the Beater-- that served as joyous rejoinders to a generation mired in grunge. And yet, for much of their history, the band has been playing a game of genre tag semantics, dodging facile and limiting descriptions like “power pop” and “retro pop” -- terms which initially greeted their 1988 debut, Failure.

The Posies’ seventh and latest album, Blood/Candy, was shot through with widescreen majesty, marked by a vast musical breadth and scope, as well as an endless supply of haltingly beautiful melodies. It should shatter any narrow perceptions of the band, once and for all.

Curtains For You

Like a well-fitted suit or a little black dress (and, some might argue, argyle socks), classic harmony-laden pop never goes out of style.

If you needed a document of that, look no further than the latest offering from Seattle band Curtains For You. Power pop has a cult following for a reason – there’s usually a genuine darkness lurking underneath those deceptively sunny melodies, and “After Nights Without Sleep” is exceptional in its exploration of both ends of the spectrum.

Harmonies and heartbreak, the twisted euphoria that comes on after tormented nights with nary a wink of rest – it’s all there, waiting to charm those argyle socks right off you. Consider it the latest piece of evidence that our hearts and minds have a more complicated relationship than most people care to admit. Consider it an honest documentation of hoping for the best when you know the worst; of having the courage to look uncomfortable truth right in the eye and hug the living daylights right out of it.

Of embracing life in all its glorious messiness and creating something beautiful.

And make no mistake, “After Nights Without Sleep” is beautiful. Melodies and harmonies abound in undeniably infectious combinations, buoyed by the talents of multiple songwriters who are each others’ biggest fans. The camaraderie and charisma are palpable. The songwriting is impeccable. Their socks are pretty good, too. Sartorial status aside, the band’s been making some impressive headway in the year and a half since they released their last record, including handpicked slots on sold-out shows with The Posies and The Head And The Heart, as well as making the list of Seattle’s Top 10 new artists in City Arts magazine.

So go on – give it a listen. From the opening notes of the impossible-to-remove-from-your-head “Daisy” through the bouncy “What Good Am I Now?,” all the way to the sweeping “Wasteland”, the jaunty “Bronx Zoo Hobo” and the swooning closer “Photographic Memory,” these are songs that are as fun as they are emotional, as dark as they are light. Like argyle socks, it’s the contrast that makes them pop – and stand out as genuine classics.

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