BPMLWRLVL with Saint Pepsi, Dave Luxe, Boy/friend, Mess Kid, Nire, Jason Scott

Saint Pepsi

You are the consumer. You are the brand. You are the Target. You are the image. Blessed be to you for living in the west. The security of falling asleep in your warm little bed because you were a good little consumer and bought everything you wanted. Andy Warhol would have loved you.

In honor of your material nature we are holding an event where you can "celebrate" your "individualism".

The theme is BRANDS. Which one do you hate? Love? Show it. So will we- and this is how.

DADT is pleased to announce we will be hosting the marvelous SAINT PEPSI on our stage!

Saint Pepsi is a young producer with the midas touch. Taking funk and hip hop samples to the next level he creates and performs infectious dance tracks. Such as his single "Better" which very recently was just played in a dance mix by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy out in LA. This boy is taking the music scene by storm. Being written up in blogs and music magazines alike, his popularity is on a sharp incline.

Deejay ≈ Producer ≈ Sound Engineer ≈ Bass Music Connoisseur ≈ Southern Rap Amateur


Mess Kid

Born in Riga, Latvia. Moved to Detroit, MI in 93′ and now a Brooklyn resident consistently turning out dancefloors.


Nire's composite sound sweeps the music spectrum. Shattering genre silos while while maintaining scrupulous attention to detail, "One Never Know Do One" encapsulates the proficiency of Nire's abilities. Seldom does an artist pop onto the music scene who warrants the hype surrounding their talents. In this respect, Nire is somewhat of an anomaly and the anticipation that precedes her debut album is not contrived.

Grinding as a DJ in New York for quite some time, Nire has made a name for herself amidst the savvy music heads of the city's underground scene. Nire's astute skills and due diligence manifest themselves in her innate production. A progressive and eclectic talent, her album showcases the best of her abilities, with opposing music genres seamlessly blended together in an eccentric mix.

Queens native, Nire brings together the pulse of New York City with a burst of her unique spirit. It's the gift of a vast musical library that allows her to regularly play such diversity in equally open-minded venues like Le Bain—the rooftoop of the Standard hotel—Santos Party Haus, WiP, and Le Baron. Her knack for UK Bass and Rap music continues to transcend gender, age and culture. The future of dance music bangs loud by way of Nire's DJ mixing, personal fashion and seasoned clientele. Now the statuesque artist is excited to see her bubbling production pop in the streets as well as the clubs.

She has expanded her artistry as an Alumni at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne, Australia. Always thirsty for new knowledge, Nire's curiosity informs her dynamic sound and the constant juxtaposition of her style keeps her listener guessing and sweating.

"One Never Know Do One" also continues to set itself apart with the all-female cohort that NiRE enlists for vocal features. The collaboration list reads like a Rolodex of emerging ingénues. The album includes the high energy anthem "Commie Mommies" where Maluca and Nani Castle boast firm chants of "the sounds of the underground". In the electronic City of Angels driven track, "I Don't Give A", 1/2 of Nola Darling's JAQ boasts an in your face seize the day mentality. Featured artists Gnucci, Blake Perlman, Tennille, Natty Mawnstah & Jasmine Solano channel their talents to Nire's genre bending beats.

"One Never Know Do One" encapsulates the proficiency of Nire's abilities. Visceral, powerful and sometimes a little sinister, the enigmatic sound of this burgeoning talent is fated to garner some much-deserved attention.


As co-founder of BPMLWRLVL [est. 2011], Jason Scott's stark passion for music derives from his singer/songwriter/producer roots. Raised in a Baptist church choir and later attending the 'Fame school', LaGuardia Arts, the pursuit of "the next sound" became his driving force. The Queens, NY native has promoted and hosted raw talent at their inception such as Kid Cudi, Theophilus London, Jesse Marco, Brenmar, Mess Kid, Fat Tony, and Jade❤/Blind Benny, NiRE, and BOY/FRIEND. Through extensive experience as an independent A&R, publicist, booking agent, and manager to musicians, Jason Scott has worked with major brands such as Cornerstone/The Fader, Downtown Music, Heineken, Vitamin Water, Mass Appeal, Reason Clothing, and Peters Mountain Works. As of 2013, the self-taught DJ has already spun all over the U.S. alongside SBTRKT, Ryan Hemsworth, Ben UFO, Sango, Dubbel Dutch, Slava, Alex Pasternak of Lemonade, and Adam Weiss of HAM On Everything. Jason Scott's experimental DJ sets feature a bold repertoire of ghetto R&B, Deep House, funky Hip-Hop, UK Garage, Grime, Juke, Dancehall and Break Beats filled with smooth psychedelic vocals of highs and lows, fit for both a rave and a bedroom.


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