AdHoc presents Shockwave Riderz, Places to Hide, G. Green, Black Pony

Shockwave Riderz

Shockwave Riderz (formerly called Wet Shock) is a new rock and roll band with Phil Boyd and Paul Quattrone, both of Pittsburgh's Modey Lemon, and Sara Mcelhaney (ex-The Sexes)

Places to Hide

"Much like the city in which it resides, Atlanta's Places To Hide boasts an undeniably soulful swagger. It's gritty, loud and fun – and maybe just a bit reckless – but there's also a sweetness and vulnerability to the outfit's debut full-length, Almost Nothing, that tempers the danger with a slice of Southern charm and wide-eyed naivete … not to mention a heaping load of melody. Although Places To Hide has only been a full band for a year, it has quickly become one of the local DIY punk scene's most exciting and talked-about up-and-comers. The new LP will only add to that fire, with irresistible songs that often feel like they're careening out of control, but always steer themselves back to a catchy chorus, a rollicking guitar riff or a foot-stomping beat. Highly recommended for fans of Joyce Manor, Superchunk, Desaparecidos, and Swearin'."

G. Green

Four piece band with a weird name living in Sacramento, Oakland, and SF. Started in 2009 not knowing how to properly play instruments or write a song with more than one part. Dealt with a dozen line up changes and romantic breakups. In 2011 we finally fell into the perfect lineup and its been rock and roll smooth sailing since.

"Curious Sacramento four piece who give the impression they're going to be scuzzy as heck, but actually end up having many of the same doofus pop vibes as early Red Kross, Electric Blood and even raunchier moments of The Cannanes." -WIRE Magazine

Perfectly sloppy poppy punk rock juxtaposed well with pleasing melody. This band has a wonderfully crisp tone and an effortlessly beautiful lo-fi recording quality. -MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL

Black Pony



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