Tombs (Savage Gold record release!), Pyrrhon, StatiqBloom, Passage Between

American metal band based in Brooklyn, NY.

Continuing to shapeshift and unravel, while using unorthodox songwriting techniques that border on the incomprehensible, avant-garde extreme metal quartet PYRRHON return with What Passes For Survival. Dense, volatile, and drenched in manic ferocity, What Passes For Survival is an aural challenge that refuses to adhere to genre conventions, merging strategic orchestrated bursts of death metal chaos with expanses of unhinged improvisation. The latest stage of PYRRHON’s metamorphosis is one that demands repeated audio submersion from the listener, and satisfies those craving sonic extremity that pushes limits.

Passage Between

From Baltimore Maryland. Keeping in line with what would have kept Reptilian Records proud. A large scattered, cathartic blend of Neurosis, GYBE, and Botch



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