The clarion call/siren sound of his guitar....the helium-steamed ride of the vocals....track after track, releasing the thought that have been holding us down, all in the name of getting higher on pop songs. Why have one when you can have two? It's a big world, and MANIPULATOR has only begun to fight.

September 2013, Wand was quietly dismembered and ritually eaten in the hills near Dodger Stadium. Wand reborn as "Wand"-- an obese organ falsely organized as 4 overjoyous nerds. Four flesh balloons betting on a few aging amplifiers. I hear they listen to Here Come the Warm Jets on loop all day and plot mail fraud. I hear they stole Dale Crover's car and sacrificed it to the weather near the Los Angeles County Line. Some few things, at least, are certain: Wand hears ghosts. Wand prefers serpents. The Sun is the mother of every fiction. All phenomena will be consumed in alphabetical order, but desire will recirculate ad infinitum. If all else fails, Wand will just devour more hands.

PROM BODY was born from the bedroom recordings of Mike Fay in the winter of 2012. Since then, the band has assembled and coalesced into a formidable four-piece that includes Gilbert Flores, Matthew Baquet, and Ryan Chavira. Known for rowdy, confetti laden, balloon exploding performances, Prom Body’s live show is always a unique and energetic foray into their own world of punk weirdness.

In 2013 they released “Creep the Strange”, an inside/out, 4 track, lo-fi pop opus released by the art collective Topaz, who saw fit to create a record label exclusively for the album. In early 2014 Mike recorded another album, ‘Naughty By Natural’, again on a four-track, and again for Topaz Records.

Prom Body reemerges alongside fellow Tucson band Hikikomori, (members of Prom Body, Sex Prisoner, and Territory) on a single split to support their upcoming west coast tour this October. The release comes by way of Spork Press, an independent publishing house based in Tucson, in preparation for Prom Body’s next full length out in 2016.

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