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Sinner Sinners

SINNER SINNERS recently released their brand new album, XI, via their own independent label, Cadavra Records.

Happily married couple Steve and Sam Thill met in a small town in the center of France at the age of 15 and fell fast in love. Eight years later in 2009, the couple started SINNER SINNERS out of their mutual love of rock music and desire to be at each other’s sides throughout all aspects of their musical careers. Since their inception and relocation to Los Angeles, SINNER SINNERS have pushed their forceful punk-influenced rock n’ roll out to the controlled masses, but see 2014 as a figurative launching pad designed to hit the big time.
As with their 2011 release Cardinal Sins, the band enlisted producer Nic Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Amusement Park On Fire, The Morlocks), and recorded at the Glory Hole in Hollywood, CA (the previous album also featured production duties from Pascal Mondaz). Interesting fact,SINNER SINNERS recorded with Nic at the same time as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, actually trading places in the studio throughout the course of the process.

SINNER SINNERS keeps busy outside of the studio as well, boasting recent performances with Black Flag, The Sonics, The Lords of Altamont, The Morlocks, The Creepshow and many more.
This is just the beginning for SINNER SINNERS! To learn more about the band, please visit these websites:
Twitter and Instagram: @sinnersinners

“Sinner Sinners is a wonderful addition to the scene, incorporating several genres across the charts into one flawless execution of excellence.” – Kristina Wright, Mouth4Music

· “Overall, the album is invigorating. It is good to know that there are bands that are paying respect to the genre like Sinner Sinners is doing. They are doing right by every rock fan with their blistering tracks, infectious drums, and killer guitar solos. “XI” may only be their sophomore album, but they sound like they have what it takes to be around for years to come.” – Rich Cicci, The Weekender

· “This entire album exudes smooth rhythms with harsh edges, bridges, and attitude. If you are looking for something to push you to slam your fist on the table while you are listening to it, this is the selection. XI is phenomenal.” – Jeff Forrest,

· “Sinner Sinners is keeping rock and roll thriving by concentrating on the finer points of the genre, and they are more than worthy of the heady label ‘rock band.’” – M. Drew,

· “…A breath of fresh air…” - Fabrizio De Guidi, Salad Days Magazine, Italy

· “2014 marks the release of Sinner Sinners new album, a reborn creation of their style creating an amazing new sound showing a great evolution from their early music to now.” –

Dirty Eyes

Dirty Eyes is a Rock & Roll band, formed in the outskirts of Los Angeles in late 2006. Their sound has been described best as Rock & Roll. The band consists of DONNY ROX (ld vox/gtr), ATHONY STASI (ld gtr/vox), TEDDY TOOMUCH (bass/vox), & JT (drums/vox).

Although their influences are widespread, the band has been affectionately referred to as if "Chuck Berry ate a bucket of speed and went on down to CBGBs to see the Dead Boys."

On its own the band has built up a strong following throughout Southern California playing with touring acts Eddie & the Hot Rods (UK), Walter Lure (ex Heartbreakers LAMF), Billy Rath (ex Heartbreakers LAMF), JOEY PINTER (Dogs, Knots, Waldos - NYC), The Gears, the Mau Maus, The Vibrators, The Stitches, Channel 3, Mike Watt, Lords Of Altamont, The Zeros, Sorrows (NYC), The Joneses, Nikki Corvette, The Dogs (Detroit), as well as playing skateboard legend Tony Alva's 53rd Birthday Party, and gracing the airwaves three times on world famous KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles.

The band has developed a magnitude of new songs that will see the light of day on record in 2013 with a renowned production team at the sonic helm, consisting of Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen.

Dirty Eyes continues to carve a reputation through their manic live shows, where 100% no bullshit Rock & Roll can still be sought out by concert goers dissatisfied with today's musical landscape.




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