Eager Seas

There's something that happens when a song makes you feel something. It can be as simple as getting someone through hard day, or being the soundtrack of a long road trip, or as complex as bringing a generation together, or shaping a culture. And isn't it what we all long for? That music be honest, true, and real? Lakes music is just that. It's hard not to feel like you are right there living every moment, as if what you hear is what you are living.

An Indie-Rock band from San Luis Obispo, California, Lakes formed in 2005. After years of being close friends and playing in different bands, Matt Covington, Jeremy Wells, Jacob Wick, and Seth Roberts became Lakes. After releasing an EP, a full length, doing multiple tours, Lakes went into the studio to work on their most definitive album yet. The songs reflect the years of friendship, the low and high points of life they have shared together, as well as the lessons and beauty seen through it all. There are no gimmicks with Lakes, no eyeliner, no frills, just honest songs about this thing we all have in common, life.

Fialta is a California-based indie pop quartet, a group of multi-instrumentalists who joined forces in 2011 to write and record their harmony, keyboard, and percussion driven pop.

They have come to describe their sound as Central Coast Literary Pop, a genre they dotingly created for their sun-drenched, winter-dreading, narrative sensibilities, honed as much by a love of poetry, fiction and film as by the landscape of their beloved town, San Luis Obispo.

Good Brother

Good Brother, a four piece ambient folk/rock band, is based out of San Luis Obispo, CA. Good Brother is a side project gone main project. After disbanding from a previous American Blues/rock band, members Chandler Haynes, Austin I’Anson, and Phil Wahl added Amanda Haynes to take on the bass and vocals. Good Brother is releasing their debut album, Preface To The Haunting, In May, 2014, with a west coast tour to follow. They plan to release the album on both vinyl and digitally. Keep your eyes out for the album coming soon to an iTunes store near you.

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