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Primitive Weapons

Fight Amp

Fight Amp (Translation Loss / Brutal Panda Records) is a metal band from Williamstown, NJ. According to the Metal Review "Fight Amp have correctly identified the rhythm section as the driving force in their chosen style, and holy hell do these boys bring in the bottom end. Bassist Jon Dehart's über-gravelly bass tone coats even the band's more restrained moments in knee-deep sludge, and Mike Howard's tom-heavy skinsmanship is equally propulsive during both speedy segments and the band's miles-deep grooves. Phil Cope (Baroness, Kylesa) delivers an absolutely perfect sound for Manners and Praise; the guitars sound bristling and barely in control at times, but the band as a whole never gets mired in their own murk.

And that sense of just-barely-holding-it-together is crucial to what Fight Amp are trying to do here. These guys draw just as much from a punk-rock sense of unease as they do from metal's sonic firepower. Their songs are documents of the frustrations regular people face as they go about their lives; Dehart and guitarist Mike McGinnis's everyman vocals spin tales of quiet, grinding desperation and encroaching apathy. If Fight Amp relied on the grandiose and/or cartoonish lyrical themes that pervade so much metal, their messiness might be a drawback. Instead, it's a boon."

They're on their third extended tour this year starts this coming Tuesday, September 6th across the U.S. and Canada.

Kowloon Walled City

Four dudes playing to forty dudes.

Roomrunner (2010-present) is the new band of Denny Bowen (Double Dagger, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Yukon, etc). Their first EP was released in November 2011 following the final shows of Double Dagger. Their follow-up EP, "Super Vague," was released in May 2012 to a 7.9 on Pitchfork and much critical acclaim.

"And in concert Roomrunner destroy. Literally. The band's sets are frequently brought to a close in a fit of vintage-amp and drumset torture. At the freaky arm-waving height of charismatic church services, sometimes worshippers will jump out of their pews to sprint a few spirit-fueled laps around the pulpit." - Pitchfork

"(Spinning) is aural proof that no one kid can ever grow up on too much Nirvana. A killer burst of noise-pop bliss that odes to the 90s without kissing too much ass." - Impose Magazine


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